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Soul Nourishment: Cleansing the Vessel

Pouring water into glass


Cleansing the body!

The need for cleansing our physical vessel develops as we offer ourselves education about this ancient and proven gift of clarity. Simply reading The Lost Books of the Essene, or even discovering the Essene Gospel of Peace, we notice that hidden within so many ancient texts is the reminder to cleanse.

If we first develop trust and rapport with ourselves through strong inner guidance and wisdom filled education, we can then detoxify our body with grace and ease.

Krshnamurti QuoteAll of your subsequent experiences will be enhanced and your ability to anchor true spiritual lift will be improved through cleansing.


Environmental toxins in the workplace and home make it challenging to integrate a higher vibratory rate. If one is deluged by smoke, chemicals, poor eating habits, fluorescent lights, etc., then the energetic gains afforded through spiritual growth are inhibited. A careful exploration of your “world” is a great place to start. Pay attention to what you discover and get creative on how to minimize the toxic exposure. (Ever watch the TV show “House”?…they often find the ‘answer’ to an illness lurking in household toxins.)

Years of toxic load in the body are like boat anchors to the Self-Ascension process. Remember: “solutions to life-challenges are never found from the level of consciousness that created the problem”.

We are ALL Quantum Healers if we allow ourselves to be! Consciousness is supported by dumping the toxins from the body thereby cleansing the perceptions, releasing trapped energy, stimulating self-trust and empowering inner comfort.

Without an occasional thorough cleanse the magnetic pull of numbness will perpetuate established coping mechanisms and restrict spiritual growth.

As you gift yourself with this experience, remember that cleansing the body can be like going on a diet; most people do not enjoy or understand the process. This is why education and spiritual tenacity is imperative. Most likely you will receive less support from those around you than you may enjoy. See this as yet another gift! They are inviting you to even greater clarity!

Cleansing regularly is a discipline that can initially feel uncomfortable as it threatens the ego’s stability. Cleansing demands attention and commitment. Yet, undergoing a cleanse demonstrates willingness and focus. The greater gift is that it offers a sense of self-confidence and expanded Divine connection when you complete it. Cleansing is a terrific exercise. And, we have found ways to make this process easier.

In Sacred Union: The Journey Home, Archangel Zadkiel suggests cleansing the vessel, our beautiful bodies, every 30 days by having only liquids for two days. We have discovered tasty and fun ways to enjoy this process.


Liquefy your favorite soup and notice how “new” it tastes. Dig out that juicer and “wake up” your body each morning with a tasty fresh juice…and be sure to include some ginger!

Re-discover how satisfying and freeing it is to drink HALF YOUR BODY WEIGHT in ounces of water per day! Yes…really. And, squeezing in some fresh lemon
is a wonderful way to enhance the cleansing affect.

Let a formal tea service into your life each afternoon and take a true break. Rather than a fast candy bar, or toxic snack, boil some water, grab your favorite mug and create a wonderful, nourishing and satisfying tea.

Cleansing is creative, fun and revelatory if you let it be!

Nourish your soul and you will nourish your life in all-ways!

How do you choose to cleanse this amazing vessel that serves you so well?

Juice, smoothies, soups, pure water?

Submit your comments and share your favorites!

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5 responses to “Soul Nourishment: Cleansing the Vessel”

  1. I made an outstanding juice a couple of days ago that could be used in a protein-sparing modified fast for cleansing on all levels.
    I used my VitaMix (an antique one at that). Ingredients: pure water, fresh pineapple (including core), collard greens (minus the coarse stalk), rainbow chard, parsley, 3 kumquats, an heirloom tomato, fresh basil, fresh garlic, fresh young ginger, 5 Bing cherries (pitted), a small slice of red beet, and about 1/3 of a carrot. After you pulverize it fully, you can strain out the pulp or drink/eat the whole food juice. Addition of some hempseeds will add vital protein and essential fatty acids to preserve your lean body mass for a longer cleanse if you wish. A raw protein powder is also available at your health food store. You can add superfoods like pomegranate, acai, mangosteen, cacao, etc. I’m big on the greens and vegies; I go easy on the sweet stuff, make sure I get adequate protein — then I feel and watch myself transform. — You know, even more important than these cycles of “cleansing” is what we eat when we’re doing our normal routine. Solar batteries come in all colors, shapes, and sizes! Yum.

  2. Hello!
    A great raw food/organic shake helps us out! Yay! After a raw food diet for about six months – there is a big taste difference between conventional and organic. Just our observation here… 🙂

    2 Banana
    2 Apples
    1 Tablespoon of honey (raw or otherwise)
    1 Young Coconut (use the juice and the meat)
    1/2 tablespoon of Maca Magic (Yummy!! Even good on a salad..very light!!)
    One/Two cups of purified drinking water (depends on the size of your family and blender)
    Pick one of the following, and measure out A cup. ( does not need much at all because of all the many flavors that will blend great!)
    Blueberry, Strawberry, Cranberry, or Raspberries

    Be warned!! You will have lots of energy and feel great! Ha! Might even put the coffee or tea down to grab this 🙂

    Thanks for letting us share Sri and Kira! Hugs and Smiles!

  3. I did a 56 hour liquid fast about a month ago and it was beautiful! I should have blended up some heady shakes infused with greens and sweet fruits high in antioxidants, but I neglected to. My liquids consisted of tap water(though obviously fresh pure water is recommended), yerba mate, Holy Tulsi in tea form, and assorted fruit and vegetable juices. The Bolthouse Farm brand of juice called “Green Goodness” is extremely yummy though it is probably too high in sugar. However it is very high in chlorella, spirulina, barley & wheat grass, as well as many other fruits & veggies packed with cleansing goodness. I also mixed some green powder containing much of the same stuff with pure water and shook it up vigorously(sorry I don’t remember the brand, but there are quite a few to choose from).
    I think it is very important to eat a very pure and healthy meal rich in greens right before the fast and right after. I made the mistake of gorging on pizza dripping with pesto and soy veg sausage for my second meal after breaking the fast and my belly/solar plexus hated me for the next week!
    Also, engaging in spiritual practice while fasting is especially beneficial. It keeps the hunger pains at bay and allows for deeper more enriching results. Any and all practices gifted from the Archangelic Realm and Essene Brethren are highly suggested. The Living Ankh, Flap and Clap, Star Consciousness, Tri-A-Saa, Diamond Portal, and Divine Container practices are superb, but there are many others as well.
    Try taking a peaceful walk in nature. Visualize the sole chakras of the feet opening as the physical feet begin dissolving into each energy center with every step. Pull two Divine rays through the soles, meeting at the spine’s base, continuing all the way up and out the Exploded Crown. Smile, giggle, give thanks, and the hunger will melt away:-)



  4. I was guided to do a cleanse for this entire month, and thanks to all of your articles and messages, I now know why! I’m glad I listened. I have been cleansing by liquefying my breakfast and dinner, having a super healthy solid lunch consisting of select whole foods. I discovered an amazing breakfast smoothie I’d like to share. Combine frozen organic peaches with some fresh ginger, strawberries, some organic almond or hazelnut milk, a heaping tablespoon of almond or cashew butter, a little water, a pinch of cardamon, and agave syrup to taste. Blend! MMMMM. Every 3-4 days I have been guided to eat solid meals all day, still within the guidelines of the cleanse as far as healthy food choices. In this entire process I have has such amazing healing on all levels – so much clarity, releases, and it doesn’t hurt that my clothes fit better either! Life is such an amazing journey when all of me is totally present, healthy, and open to receive its bounties. Thank you Sri and Kira for all you are, do, and give to so many. Namaste

  5. Thanks for this inspiration came along just when I required it. I have been called to detox and started today, this gives great encoragment with amazing spirtual wisdom. Thank you all Namaste

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