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Claiming Our Clarity Through the Experience of “Density Sanity”


by Sri and Kira

Spiritual Awakening

The experience of our lives since the beginning of 2012 has become an ever greater expansion of the density experience.  Time has gone into “hyper drive”, and our physical and emotional bodies are wondering how to cope!  Through this experience there is a clear choice ahead…clarity or density!

Let us remember that clarity is not something that can given.  Clarity simply IS.  Many people in the search for clarity through density initiate a personal treasure hunt.  They are desperate for clarity and seek to unravel a mystery.  However, the more energy that we give to the search, the less that we will discover the gift of our Ascended Sanity, our ultimate clarity.

With each Age of humanity, the level of wisdom embodied by a past civilization offers a clarity expressed by their pointing to the next step.  Each age offers an energetic pattern that shapes the next age…and so on.  This is a powerful step in the recognition of clarity.

The reason we often seek information from prior ages is to better understand the current age.  It is the quest to ascertain a context for the moment that is before us. The quest for clarity that goes beyond the perceptions of the current paradigm of the density experience!

Clarity is a quality of Ascension Awareness. It is the moment where we claim our freedom from the density sanity and arrive at the point of conscious actions.  Until we break free from the paradigms of density consciousness and spiritual activism we are unable to ever be fully clear.  To transcend the invisible boundary that offers the gateway to our greater clarity is to embody the recognition of the experience of Gratitude—Giving <—> Receiving.  (Please see the diagram of the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening below.)

The transcendent state of being that is Ascension Awareness offers a clarity that can not be explained.  To attempt to explain this clarity will distort it. It is the need to “explain” it that keeps us trapped in density sanity and the spiral of spiritual activism that is the illusion of distorted clarity.

Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening

We may touch an ancient site or visit a mystical realm of being and return thinking we are not clear.  Perhaps the mystical state was the clarity sought?  Perhaps the inability to integrate is the revelation.

True clarity comes when we transcend the need to know, and allow ourselves the gift of conscious action.

Self-Ascension is the divine integration expressed through the clarity of truth that resides in ones heart.  To integrate the human experience with the divine, to celebrate all expressions and all that has ever been is the foundation for the return of Christ Consciousness.  It is the fuel that ignites the one who has anchored Ascension Awareness to continue into full Ascension Consciousness!

Such an integration of Allness, while embracing Oneness, is the resurrection of divine love, clarity and wisdom.  The rebirth of Clarity will offer a renewed harmony and balance of the life experience, a restoration of our abundant nature that is simply waiting to be claimed.

In your clarity you will recognize that not all prophecy will come to pass.  Clarity will reveal that all forms of prediction are fluid.  Clarity recognizes that the Presence of an Awakened Heart is the foundation for awakened consciousness.

So, how do we break free from the Density Sanity and allow ourselves this greater clarity?

Doubt is the experience of one whose mind is addicted to questioning.  It finds joy in asking.  The mind of the flesh is in fact designed to ask questions.  So this is not a curse, it is simply “what is”.  However, left unchecked such a mind creates a field of continual seeking which is a disconnect from our divine connection.  This supports fear. Thus, such a mind seeks answers in order to get a “jolt” of connection.  It is an addiction.

Density consciousness, (see the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening), supports extreme expressions because the expression of extreme energy is driven by the need to connect.  The addict wants to be embraced with a sense of oneness.  Density will support distortions of true harmony as valid rational expressions.  Density consciousness is the farthest removed from divine balance and supports “density sanity”.  We offer this phrase, density sanity, because to one who is anchored in the ascended heart, such densified expressions or ways of being, appear insane to the one who is awakened.  And, subsequently to the one who is not awakened, the actions of one who is awakened similarly appear insane.

If you try to meet density sanity at the place it was created, then you will be pulled from the ascended state.  To meet it at that place would mean that you must join with it.  To preserve balance, the ascended consciousness is non-reactive; offering a consistent Presence.  This generates a harmonic wave that offers greater harmony and embraces all expressions.

It is 2012, and our world is expressing ever more extremely.  Participants in this world experience will find that  many are competing for their attention. Remember, what you give your attention to will grow.  Thus, the competing extremes all compete for the fuel provided by your energy.

These extreme expressions in our world point to a cataclysmic opportunity.  Perhaps in the extreme dance will come to the collective recognition that this is enough!  Perhaps the players will channel this energy into extraordinary change and avoid disaster.

This possibility would offer a gift to the earth and her people.  It would mean that the extreme energy building in polarized competing forces could birth a lift toward a new harmony.  A community of humanity living in Ascended Sanity!

Alternatively, the extreme expressions building at this time can produce the seeming probable outcome, painful imbalance that damages the earth and kills many.

Energy expressed through ascended consciousness produces miracles.  A miracle is an expression that seemed improbable to the lower level of consciousness.  Probability has nothing to do with it!  Miracles are an expression of focused energy that seem special to the expanding consciousness.

The current Mayan calendar “re-sets” itself in 2012 because the way we will keep time will change dramatically…it has already begun.

We are now at a time of miracles.  We are at a time of harnessing quantum energy.  The probabilities associated with an outdated linear time line have no power in the momentum of our ascended energy.

Let not linear probabilities cloud your clarity.

Ask not what is coming.  Instead simply BE in your ascended heart and ask to be guided.   This true guidance that is aligned with the emerging energy within the universe will guide you!  Claim your Ascended Sanity and allow the mind to joyfully be the witness.  There is nothing to figure out. It already IS!

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2 responses to “Claiming Our Clarity Through the Experience of “Density Sanity””

  1. The best part . . . “all forms of prediction are fluid.” So let yourself Be and don’t allow the centuries old dogma of prophecies tie you down. Also “to preserve balance, the ascended consciousness is non-reactive; by offering a consistent presence.” It is another point to just let things be. Each interaction we have to consciously be aware that each individual has their own “story” to be in and I am to remind myself not to react at the density level.
    Rise up to these challenges. Peace be with us. <3 pthomas

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