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Claiming Joy: Self-Ascension and Self-Responsibility


By Sri Ram Kaa

February is here and with it many are rejoicing that the energies experienced during the first month of 2009 are subsiding! On January 31, 2009, we celebrated the 45th and final day of the Integration of the Dome of Divine Protection opened in Rishikesh, India on December 17, 2008. Many have lifted into the flow of the cleansing energy that is pervading across our planet in 2009. Many have not. January began a powerful momentum of energy that will continue to crescendo throughout this year. This month we begin a series of articles designed to assist you through this time with greater ease and flow. Each first newsletter of the month we will offer practices and insights to assist your journey and facilitate greater joy! Let’s begin! As a medical intuitive I have witnessed first hand how emotional denial results in asthma, digestive and immune disorders, just to name a few. Even cancer has its root in emotional wounding. Because the imprint of denial was usually established in childhood, the adult is often unconscious of their self-destructive pattern. The body’s symptoms are a gift, for they offer an opening to deeper self-discovery and self-love…provided the person is willing to face that which has been denied!

While low-grade denial builds up over the years into physical dysfunction, every day denial blows out into distorted relationships and lack of healthy intimacy. The most destructive emotion is anger. Anger has one purpose: to notify you when your boundaries have been violated. Anger offers a “push” energy to help a person establish a boundary, usually emotional, to protect themselves. We have all experienced relating to someone who is “over bearing” and finally crosses the line…anger. It is the universal signal that your comfort zone has been violated. Often times, we were not conscious that things had gone too far until we felt our anger. That is, we have many boundaries and expectations that we project out onto the world.

When someone triggers our anger it could well be that we had not told them about our boundary. Thus, self-responsibility is paramount.

When you feel the slightest anger or frustration, stop and listen to your inner wisdom. What expectation was violated? What are you needing? If another person is involved, the kindest action is to inform them where your boundaries are. If you do not share with the other person then you are stating to the universe that your needs don’t matter.

When we deny our needs, when we are dishonest with ourselves, we set up an energetic signal that will perpetuate the problem. This repetitive pattern of not getting our needs met (because we have not been honest with ourselves) holds in place the subconscious belief that “there is something wrong with me,” and “I don’t deserve to be happy,” thereby solidifying a pattern that will repeat often.

Our Navigating the Inner Matrix home study course helps unravel and heal these subconscious patterns. The Certified Self-Ascension Coaches who teach this course have personally gone through the training two or more times.

Self-consciousness is a continual journey, unraveling deeper levels of truth, and every time you feel uncomfortable is an opportunity to unravel a deeper truth.

If your life has repetitive emotional patterns that are uncomfortable then seek resolution. Repetitive patterns are a sign that you are unconscious of the deeper truth. How can you discover the truth by yourself if you have already repressed it? If the repetitive pattern involves another, then you are both committed to the denial. Seek clarity by exploring the issue with someone who does not have their own denial patterns in place! Self-responsibility requires the energy of willingness. Willing to look, willing to trust, willing to feel and willing to take action. Self-Ascension requires the energy of willingness. Without the self-trust needed to sincerely be honest with yourself, there is no freedom.

Self-Ascension is the freedom to lift into your highest expression consciously and Joyously.

Anger can be your friend IF you use it to discover your deeper truth AND share that truth with your partner and friends. Anger always has a target, thus it must involve both parties if the energy is to be useful. With self-trust and honesty, anger serves it’s highest intent and provokes an “ah ha” moment. That uplifting moment releases the anger energy and opens a flow of Joy.

Anger is a call to self-responsibility. Personal evolution is predicated upon self-trust and honesty. With these two qualities in place, we will resolve all forms of pain, attachment and limitation. Our personal Self-Ascension process becomes a natural flow. Self-Ascension requires an unplugging from conformity to density consciousness. This does not mean that you are dis-respectful, simply that clarity and truth are more important than “being nice.” That you will trust your inner knowing even when everyone around you is pointing the other direction.

Here are two declarations from the Inner Matrix Program to assist you. Whenever you feel triggered by something, bring your hand to your heart and declare: In this moment I trust myself …and breathe deeply into your belly. As you begin to feel more centered in your heart then follow by declaring: I tell myself the truth …and breathe fully in a relaxed manner. Explore your feelings and thoughts as you discover a deeper level of truth. We alone are responsible for our inner experience of the world. Why not choose Trust and experience Joy? It is your birthright!

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