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Birthing OUR New Earth Experience - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Birthing OUR New Earth Experience


Birthing OUR New Earth Experience

Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Master Lady Kira Raa


The St. Germain IT-Self shares through MLKR:

BE-LOVED ONES of great Light, Joy and Glorious Formation.  Indeed! There are many glorious formations here… on your planet and others experiencing the realms of manifested cosmic energies.  In this moment…NOW…,there is an abundant clarity streaming…the Knowing…that is also BEing.  

The Knowing that IS…also…BEing. 

There is in your world right now a great conjunction.  And this conjunction has not been evidently available for what you would call over . . . you wish a number, yes, so we offer you this number. Over one million years.  And yet, even to offer you one million years is to offer you an energy that is still beyond the bounds of the mind form that seeks to hold you captive.  

The Twining of Gaia

BE-LOVED ONES of Great Luminescent Divine Mastery Presence: there have been and will all-ways BE… multiple illuminated civilizations of Divine Presence upon your planet.  Remember that this is one of twelve planets circulating  within the realms between the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions.  These twelve planets of densified experience are similar and uniquely different.  

Your planetary experience of Gaia as the ONE that YOU…ARE…NOW… is at the moment of becoming a twin.  

When ONE births a twin… when a twin remembers another; when a Union Soul comes back together, or splits to begin the journey of discovery again… IT IS… ALL-ways… a moment of grand celebration.  And within that celebration, a tear is shed for that which is transforming, and will all-ways BE… shifted.  

The moment of this grand celebration is beyond the single tear shed as part of the transformation.  As YOU Shed your tear for what was…YOU encapsulate your heart with the support of the grand celebration.  

INDEED!  What was, is no longer, as it cannot be again.  Nor would your eternal heart want it so. 

Only the mind of density seeks to create and re-create as recreation.  To re(create) is to continually remain within the density construct that the expansion of consciousness is beyond potentiality.

Re-creating the same situation again and again and again is the little play yard with the white picket fence, or for some it is barbed wire.  Either way, this little fence is a comfortable boundary through the re-creation of that which is bound to the molecules of density.  It assists you to relax into the experience of density.  This is the third dimensional experience of Being-ness, is it not?  

Third dimensional Beingness IS recreation.

As you KNOW the twin energy all-ready within thee, let us expand this sharing.

Many feel un-whole…NOW! As if some-thing is missing. Waiting for another part or energy to arise.  Doubting while pondering… perhaps another place or another personAnother suggestion or experience?  The deep sense of some-thing that is outside of wholeness.  This is a creation that has expanded into manifested form…NOW… because, indeed, the planet is twinning.  Thereby, YOU…ARE… twinning.  

Your eternal soul is infinite, limitless, expansive, and expanding…NOW… 

through mind transforming ways that are expanding consciousness potential 

beyond ALL IT… has ever… been.

As your mind engages this knowing, it limits it.  In the twinning energy upon your planet and YOU… NOW, your Ascended Mastery BEingness is all-ready playing.  

YOU…ARE… all-ready free.  

YOU…ARE… all-ready ascended.  

YOU…ARE… all-ready abundant.  

YOU…ARE…all-ready in union.  

YOU…ARE…all-ready whole.  

YOU…ARE…all-ready complete.  

Every-thing that this other half seeks to try and create, is all-ready created.  YOU ARE re-creating quite well in the fifth, seventh, ninth and eleventh dimensions, all the way to the thirty-third crystalline realms.  

In the twinning of the planet…NOW…if you were to ask for a job – and we invite you NOT to ask for a job – we invite you to simply BE the gift that YOU…ARE. And were you to ask for a job, it would be to Lift through and collect ALL your Divine Mastery Knowing from your Consciously Aware multi-dimensional presence.  

For if you are feeling less than now, if you feel you are missing a piece, it is only because you have denied your-self the complexity of the connection.  KNOW WHO YOU ARE. 

IT IS… through the complexity of the connection the simplicity of the joy-full living experience expands.

You may say, this seems like an oxymoron.  We say, is not this potentiality of the life density experience an oxymoron?  Indeed!  

Crystalline Communities of Light

Lift through the complexity of the multi-dimensional blessing that YOU…ARE.  Many, many, many years ago, on this specific manifested form of potentiality, vast civilizations of crystalline beings navigated this planet with great love, great gardens, and communities of radiant crystalline illumination.  

Children were raised in the freedom of the expression of nature.  Education began with watching grass grow, experiencing flowers as they open, learning to count with the petals of a rose, living freedom through witnessing parental love and the offering of that love to the earth. Playing at parents’ feet during abundant harvest.  

Through these crystalline beings, there was great expansion. Technology did not take from the Gaia.  Indeed! It seeded her.  Great tone, in combination with the aromas of flowers, called forward balance from the imbalance.  The world was, is and has all-ways been, your hospital.  There was no need for psychological support because of the balanced harmony as a support mechanism of sustained crystalline light formation.  

In this moment… now… your world is cleansing her-self. 

And, in the twinning energy of her fifth dimensional awareness, ALL is revealing.

Your seeds of divine crystalline community have already sprouted within thee.  If you are hearing, reading, listening, or know of this sharing, offered at this moment of potentiality, your mastery presence is receiving them outside of the limitations of this singular timeline.  

These words are YOUR WORDS, the eternal activators of divine community within.

Where is your community?  With/in YOU.

Where is your twin?  With/in YOU.

Where is your partner?  With/in YOU.

Where is your wholeness?  With/in YOU.

Where is your abundance?  With/in YOU.

Where is your prosperous, spiritual, divine connection?

With/in YOU! 

Through YOU!  ALL around YOU!

Not so long ago in this experience of linear potentiality, YOU smiled upon this planet and cultivated crystalline energy as spheres of harmony containing great energy, love, mastery presence and understanding.  

As your Soul twins now, YOU…ARE… at a time when YOU CAN remember all of the twinning energy.  

As the twinning energy anchors, there is great restoration and recreation in this potentiality of form.

To twin thy-self is to release the egoic presence that would believe that you must be navigating in a world of density as a densified being.  The greatest illusion… is it not?  

YOU… are not this protoplasmic experience!  

YOU… ARE… the Divine Mastery Presence in form…

 filled with Divine mercy, compassion and energy.  

You are the future and hope of this world.  

You are the compassion and resurrection of this world. 


You are the blessing… the gift… the light…the crystals….the Divine ones…the healers…the gatherers.  

You are the explorers…the travelers… the magicians…the alchemists. 

 YOU…ARE… the farmer.  YOU…ARE… the Divine. 

 YOU…ARE the ONE singer of the whales.  

YOU…ARE… the ONE harmonizer with the dolphins. 

 YOU…ARE… the ONE that purifies the ocean with your conscious love.

If you were to drop your single tear, drop it into the ocean or a glass of water.  Witness the energy of your ascended heart as your love expands infinitely as a sonic wave of crystalline light.  Experience the connection with the crystalline grids supporting this planetary potentiality through this moment of transformation.   

Weep not for this planet.  Weep not for this world.  She is birthing beloved ONES.  For when a mother births twins, many things happen.  

The Birthing

Your twin is birthing… now.  YOU ARE birthed as your planet is birthing.  The crystalline cities of great healer-ship are re-erecting, re-arranging and rising.  Points of divine communion are now revealing themselves.   These are beauty-full re-alion-ments… weep not for the world.  

If you must shed that tear, shed it as an offering for the divinity of ALL.  

Join with the crystalline grids that have effervescently activated…YOU! Celebrate and dance.

The world experience of this density moment seeks for you to dismiss your twin energy through distraction. Offering illusionary experiences that are not that truth of that YOU…ARE.  Indeed a power-full gift.  

Where there is Yin, there is Yang.  Where there is light, there is dark.  The perfect balanced point of stillness, the zero point within, activates this point.  Breathe up and know your truth.  

When you activate this point, ALL comes forward.  Fear not for this planet as you shed the single tear.  Then… celebrate.  Celebrate!  When the mind of form seeks to distract, celebrate.   Smile and remember that it is the twin mind of your crystalline nature.  

Which mind is guiding and offering wisdom?  Both offer wisdom akin to where they are attuned.  

Attune thyself to the energy of the Divine expanded moment you are consciously aware of.  As you attune thy-self, relax, breathe and in-joy the magnificent flowers blooming for thee.  Invite them to blossom and grow without cutting them.  Bask in the fragrance as they uplift thee.  The garden of your soul manifested with great beauty.  

You are Eden within as the renewal and restoration of the Divine Mastery process of your co-creative, infinite BEing, ready to experience conscious awareness beyond this dimension.

Indeed! Remember YOU CHOSE this moment.  We honor such great sacrifice; and such a great party.  IT IS… a great party indeed.  

We love you.  WE…ARE…HERE…for YOU… eternally.  YOU ARE eternally HERE for YOU.

We invite thee to relax into the conscious awareness of YOU; joy-fully embodying the

 resurrected process of your BEloved divine mastery presence all-ways.  

As your planet births, not all birth is beauty-full and occasionally pain-full.  


Dive not into the perception of pain.  Dive into the beauty of your truth.  

Dive into the unified field of queenship and kingship.  

Dive into ALL that YOU…ARE.  Rise through the OPEN multi-dimensional portals…now.  

Lift up.  Breathe up.  Remember thy-self.  


When the illusion seeks to keep you captive, laugh, dance, and BE.  

You will find each other in greater communities of light more and more.  

Fewer will hide as more unify in the energy of Conscious Awareness.  

BE present for YOU.  In your presence, the unified stream of divine healing uplifts ALL. 

 Those who choose to transcend during this moment of experience, are doing so NOW to assist YOU with conscious connection from the dimensional realms that are open…NOW. 

 Shed your one tear and offer it to the cosmic light.

We love you.  And so it is.

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  1. Yes. I am celebrating our birthing. I am laughing, dancing and being! I am LOVE embodied here to be mastery presence and shine my light to help ignite others and share in our beautiful energies together being stronger. I am here. I am ready. I am open. Guide me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Ave…. Sahhhhhh I love you.

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