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Birthing an Alchemical World - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Birthing an Alchemical World

Birth of Revelation IT-self


The Cosmic Essene Brethren Speak through MLKR…

BE-Loved ONES of Crystalline Light, Joy, and Glorious Formation.  Indeed! There are many glorious formations upon your planet, and other planets, among the many realms of cosmic energies.  IT IS…in this moment now, that abundant clarity is streaming forward with the KNOWING that IT IS…simultaneously BEing.

KNOWING that IT IS…simultaneously BEing.

The great conjunction that is in this field of potentiality has arrived …again…from over one million years ago.  And! To offer this sequencing as the limited value of one million years, is an energy beyond the bounds of the mind of form that seeks to hold you captive.

The Twining Arrives

There have been, and will all-ways BE, multitudes of illuminated civilizations of Divine Mastery Presence in this field of expressed potentiality on this specific planet.  Through this remembrance, it is valuable to recall this planet is one of twelve planets that circulate in the realms between the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions.  These twelve planets of densified experience are similar, yet uniquely different.

This specific planet, in this field of potentiality, is arriving into its Twin moment. 

As one births a twin, and when a twin finds another, when a Union Soul comes back together or when a Union Soul splits, it is all-ways a moment of grand celebration.  And!  There is the tear that is shed for that which has transformed and is forever shifted.

Call forward the Divine Mastery Presence that KNOWS… the moment of the grand celebration is far grander than the single tear shed for the transformation.  So shed your tear for what was with both consciousness and awareness.  Then encapsulate your heart with the grand celebration that is yours to claim.

YES! What was, is no longer.  And unable to be recreated in this potentiality.  Nor would your heart call it forward; for only the mind of densified form seeks to create and re-create the cycle of self-entrapment.

Create and re-create.  For many this is experienced as re-creation.

To re-create is to remain in the cycle of lateral experience beyond the gift of the expansion – is it not?


Stand as a witness to this cycle. Notice beyond judgement that through the re-creation of that which is bound to the molecules of density, your essence relaxes into the experience of density.  The exquisite dive into third dimensional Beingness.  Within third dimensional Beingness, there is great recreation.  And! You are ready to remember and see the twin energy all-ready with thee.

Many feel un-whole, as if something is missing. Expending tireless active energy searching for another part that is seemingly somewhere to be found.  It may be another place to live.  Or the thoughts of being with another person.  ALL carrying the limiting sense of something that is outside of wholeness.

This is ALL merely a creation from the depth of the illusion supporting your experience.  It is being felt in an expanded form because this field, this planet, is twinning.  Thereby, YOU ARE twinning as the Alchemical shift expands ALL…again.

Your eternal soul is infinite, limitless, expansive, and expanding in ways that are HERE…NOW…to assist YOU… to transform the mind through acceptance beyond fear, doubt, and hesitancy.

Stand back again and notice.  Relax the mind from engaging this, for when it does, it limits YOU.  Your ability to command the mind is ready to BE the guiding illumination of this body of form.

You are all-ready free. 

You are all-ready ascended. 

You are all-ready abundant. 

You are all-ready in union. 

You are all-ready whole. 

You are all-ready complete. 

Every-thing that this other half seeks to try and create, is already created.

And! YOU ARE re-creating quite well in the fifth dimension, the seventh dimension, the ninth dimension, the eleventh dimension, through to the thirty-third crystalline realms.

In the twinning of this field of potentiality and this planet, we invite YOU to BE the gift that you are.  Smile and lift up through this experience as YOU re-collect ALL of the knowing of your multi-dimensional presence.

If you feel less than, if you feel you are missing a piece, then you have denied yourself the complexity of the connection.   IT IS through the complexity of the connection; the simplicity of conscious living begins.

You may say, this seems like an oxymoron.  We say, is not life experienced through this moment of density an oxymoron?  Indeed!

Crystalline Communities of Light

Lift through the complexity of the multi-dimensional blessing that you are.  Eons ago, this specific planet of form supported vast civilizations of crystalline beings navigating this field of existence with great love, gardens, and communities of crystalline light.

Children were raised in the freedom of the expression of nature.  Initiating their experience of form watching grass grow, discussing flowers as they open, counting the petals of a rose. Learning how to be free to BE,  by witnessing the love of their parents. Present as their parents offered love to the earth, playing at their feet while all blessings were harvested in the spirit of divine cooperation.

Through these crystalline BEings, the expansion and technology that supported the earthly experience was vast.  Indeed, it seeded her.  Harvesting crystals was a gift. A blessing of love and support outside of the energy that would take from the earth without conscious awareness.

The sonic frequencies of heavenly healing tone, in divine harmony with the aromas of the flowers, restored all that was felt as out of balance.  The multitudes of the gifts of this worldly creation was your hospital.  Sustained through balanced harmonies, the support mechanism of active crystalline light illuminated the formations of the emotional and physical bodies. Establishing the Five Medicines as generators of Peace, Love and Joy.

In this moment your world is cleansing herself.

IT IS…within the twinning energy that ALL is revealed.

Your seeds of divine crystalline community have sprouted.  As YOU …ARE… hearing, reading, or listening  to these words, the KNOWING that they are eternal activators of the divine community within is anchoring.

Where is your community?  Within YOU.

Where is your twin?  Within YOU.

Where is your partner?  Within YOU.

Where is your wholeness?  Within YOU.

Where is your abundance?  IT IS…YOU.

Where is your prosperous, spiritual, divine connection?

Within, through and around YOU.

The Gift of Receiving Crystalline Light

We invite YOU to receive a gift. A ray of crystalline light offered through the eyes of this vessel now and encoded into our words.  We offer this ray toward your third eye. Breathe its essence up. Consciously call that essence into your Star Consciousness, as the activator located near the top of your forehead above the Third eye, and your Crown chakra.

As you do, notice the experience of your feet floating.  Lotus flower sandals in the color of your choosing. Invite this essence to lift through YOU…releasing ALL that would doubt and re-create in drowsiness. 

Just what is a moment ago, you smiled upon this planet and cultivated the crystalline energy. You co-created great spheres of harmony.  What you called home was a crystalline dome-like structure.  And within that structure was great energy, love, presence and understanding.


As the Soul’s essence twins, YOU…are at a moment of the remembrance of ALL twinning energy. 

When the twinning energy rises, there is great restoration and re-creation in the world of form.

To twin thyself is to release the egoic presence that would believe you must navigate a world of density solely as a densified being.  A great illusion, is it not?

You are far from this protoplasmic experience! 

YOU… ARE… the Divine. YOU…ARE… filled with the energy of Divine mercy and compassion. 

YOU…ARE… the future of this world.  YOU…ARE… the hope of this world. 

YOU…ARE… the compassion of this world.  YOU…ARE… the resurrection of this world.

 YOU…ARE.. the blessing.  YOU ARE… the gift.  YOU ARE… the light.  YOU…ARE… the crystals. 

YOU…ARE… the Divine ones.  YOU…ARE… the healers.  YOU…ARE… the gatherers. 

YOU…ARE… the explorers.  YOU…ARE… the travelers.  YOU…ARE… the magicians. 

YOU…ARE… the Alchemists.

 YOU…ARE… the farmer.  YOU… ARE… the Divine. 

YOU ARE the ONE who is the singer of the whales. 

YOU ARE the ONE who harmonizes with the dolphins.

 YOU ARE the ONE who can clean the ocean with your love.

If you were to drop your single tear, drop it into the ocean or a glass of water.  Witness your heart and love expand as an infinite sonic wave of crystalline light.  Feel it connect with the crystalline grids that hold this planet together through ALL transformation.

Weep not for this planet.  Weep not for this world.  She is birthing BE-Loved ONES.

And when a mother births twins, many things happen.

The Birthing

Your planet is birthing. Your twin is birthing now.  YOU ARE birthed.  The crystalline cities of great healer-ship are re-erecting, re-arranging and rising.  Points of divine communion that have yet to be explored are revealing themselves.  IT IS…through the emergence of these beauty-full re-aLION-ments, the five medicines relax into the KNOWING that all is well.

If you must shed that tear, shed it as an offering of divinity for ALL.

 Join with the crystalline grids that are effervescently been with YOU. 

Celebrate and dance.

The world of illusion will seek to dismiss your twin energy.  It is rising with the momentum of distraction.  It will attempt to create an illusionary experience that YOU are other than the TRUTH of what YOU…ARE.  This is indeed a power-full gift of this moment.

Where there is the Yin, there is the Yang.  Where there is the light, there is the dark.  Where there is the balanced point of stillness, the zero point of infinite presence activates.  Breathe up, smile, and KNOW your truth.

As YOU consciously activate your zero point, ALL reveals…again.

Fear not for this planet and shed your single tear.  Then, celebrate.  Celebrate.  Celebrate.  Celebrate.  When the mind of form seeks to stop the expansion, celebrate.  It is merely the twin of the mind of your crystalline nature.

Which mind is there?  Which mind is offering you wisdom?  Both offer wisdom akin to where they are attuned.

Choose to consciously attune thy-self to the energy of the Divine expanded moment of now.  As you attune thy-self, you will discover the magnificent flowers blooming for thee.  Allow your flowers to bloom.  Notice with love an presence how you may be trying to cut them.  Smile, relax and let them bloom.  Invite them to be fragrant and uplift thee.  Remember them as the garden of your soul manifested with great beauty.

YOU are the garden.  YOU are Eden within.

The Eden that sustains the renewal and restoration of the Divine Mastery process

 of your co-creative, infinite BEing.  Ready to experience beyond this dimension.

Relax more as YOU remember that you chose this moment. It is a great party.


We love you and are eternally HERE.  YOU are eternally here for you.

Step into the resurrected process of your BE-Loved Divine Mastery Presence at all times. 

Your planet is twinning; and sometimes it seems pain-full. 

AND all-ways worth it, is it not? 

The pain is soon forgotten because the end result is beyond any perception of pain.

Dive into the beauty of your truth.  Dive into the Kingship and the Queenship. 

Dive into ALL that that YOU…ARE.   

Rise through the multi-dimensional portals that are wide open. 

Lift up.  Breathe up.  Remember thy-self. 

When the illusion seeks to keep you captive, laugh, dance, and BE.   

You will find each other in greater communities of light more and more.   

Fewer will hide as more come forward from the shadows & appear. 

Remember as you would attempt to save, you will destroy.

 BE present for YOU.

 Through  your presence, the unified stream of divine healing uplifts ALL.

Those who choose to transcend are assisting YOU from other dimensional realms.

 Shed your one tear and offer it to the cosmic light.

We love you.  And so it is.

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