Author: Sri and Kira

  • Claiming Joy: Self-Ascension and Self-Responsibility

    By Sri Ram Kaa February is here and with it many are rejoicing that the energies experienced during the first month of 2009 are subsiding! On January 31, 2009, we celebrated the 45th and final day of the Integration of the Dome of Divine Protection opened in Rishikesh, India on December 17, 2008. Many have […]

  • The Choice of Spiritual Focus

    Oneness, or the state of Union, is the peaceful recognition of the Divine expressing focus your attention on the Divine energy. Be enlightened by claiming your authentic soul as Self. This is the state of Beingness that needs no proof. Your soul is already enlightened! Now, let your consciousness loosen its grip on the beli […]

  • Awakening to the Call of Spiritual Maturity

    It is 2008, the Year of Divine Action as Manifestation and within the blink of an eye we will soon be at the half way point. With each precious moment of every sacred day, you are called into the action of your presence as the gift that frees others to do the same. Yet, bringing […]

  • I AM the Resurrection!

    As the Christian world celebrates Easter we are afforded an opportunity to reflect and recognize the truth of resurrection. Each human being here has taken birth into the world of density and form. These creations are vehicles for consciousness to express through; they are not our true identity. Identification with our body and giving power […]

  • Healing Soul Fractures: The Path of Re-Union

    by Sri Ram Kaa As you journey through Self-Ascension, one must be willing to embrace All that you have ever been and All that you have ever participated in, with loving acceptance. Some people call this embrace “forgiveness.” This is partially true. Forgiving is the process of releasing the hurt and the judgment about a […]