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Authentic Evolution:Spiritual Nourishment vs. Ego Nourishment - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Authentic Evolution:Spiritual Nourishment vs. Ego Nourishment

Ego or Soul
Authentic Evolution:
Spiritual Nourishment vs Ego Nourishment

by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

True nutrition is that which expands balance and harmony, and thus expands
true love. True love is all-ways non-judgmental, it simply radiates the energy
of Light. For the body, true nutrition offers energy and is restorative without
also delivering a toxic load that must be filtered away in order to find the

For the soul, true nutrition is that which offers the energy of Divine
Alignment, a restoration of love and light unrefracted by personal agendas.

In third dimensional consciousness all sense of “reality” is refracted.
That is, form and density require that we refract pure light into a vibrational
state that is congruent with other density vibrations.

Healing crisis emerges when the purity of the nourishment is beyond the norm
for the individual who is integrating the nourishment. Higher frequency nutrition
means that the cells and organs of the physical body must release incompatible
elements in order to make the alignment to the purity. Similarly, in the emotional
body, when higher frequency energies begin to penetrate the auric field around
a person, emotional wounds surface for healing. That is, all wounds (All!) seek
nonjudgmental love in order to resolve themselves. If the individual is unable
to release their own judgments (through forgiveness) then the wounds will not
heal and in fact the ego will put up all kinds of new psychic amour to support
an orientation that will inhibit the rapid healing that was offered to the person.

All beings on earth are in a healing crisis. The energy bathing this planet
is a Divine dispensation that will propel ALL toward resolution. This universal
“energy bath” is heightened when a person is exposed to additional
high frequency experiences and teachings. For example, in the days following an Archangelic Insoulment or Avesa workshop, we often witness people who have
their issues stirred…stuff rises up! This can be a wonderful accelerator
if you are willing to keep pace with the speed at which your soul is ready to
guide your evolution.

Alternatively, it can be destabilizing for an ego which seeks to preserve
dominion and control….the ego will preserve unconscious fear and beliefs
which it has used to organize psychic and emotional patterns.

Everyone who is integrating energy outside their norm will feel as if they
are going crazy. This is because the vibrational structures are not congruent
with the existing norm that the ego relies upon for its stability.

The process of authentic spiritual growth requires that the ego step aside
and let the soul lead. This can only happen when the ego feels loved and trusts
the Divine in action at all levels.

Authentic evolution is characterized by an increase in the person’s
vibrational level due to fewer ego-refractions.

The popular alternative to authentic evolution is spiritual activism, which
is characterized by the ego offering more transparency toward spiritual values
and finding words and emotions that validate spiritual values. That is, the
ego simply offers new structures for approval. Spiritual activism always seeks
to control and carries a more subtle operating system.

How can one break free from Spiritual Activism?

It begins with self-awareness. The emotional body is a density creation and
is for the most part governed by the ego. If you have any feelings of hurt,
fear or pain, then those feelings are rooted in paradigms of density and carry
the wounds of the Inner Child.

Thoughts always arise from feelings. So, a pain-based emotion
will give rise to thoughts to help the brain make sense of the feelings. These
thoughts could be defensive or blaming or simply observations.

With a little self-awareness and a dose of willingness, you can choose to
heal. That is, you can call to yourself people who will help you release the
wounds and limiting beliefs. Without this awareness and willingness to take
healthy action, the alternative is to create inner stability by validating judgment
and pain. This is done by believing that the cause of the pain is something
or someone outside of yourself.

The people of planet earth are in a healing crisis. They are all feeling the
energetic shift that is expressing though the disintegration of established
structures. The outer world is indeed reflecting that a new recognition is required.
We must align our creations more closely with spiritual truth. Integrity with
the soul is essential.

As the global reorganization continues, we will witness earth changes, social
conflicts and pain within the systems that are contaminated by refracted energy.
Those, who have not established inner trust with their Soul energy will cling
to substitutes. The substitutes for the security of the soul are outside authorities,
political and religious leaders. These “leaders” all want your vote!

There is no roadmap in the outer world. The path to unity is a path of love
and non-resistance. Your soul knows the way. It is the ego, the inner child
and the mind that have lost their way.

However, YOU are not lost. YOU are not frightened. It is time to bring your
trust, your identity closer to the Authentic You. We have collectively worshipped
at the Temple of the Ego long enough – we have received the gifts of its
energy and it is now time for a more authentic teaching.

Of course the choice is yours.

Do you wish to align yourself with teachings and people who offer a temporary
“feel-good” experience to the inner child? If so then the world
has a wide collection of offerings for you…and they are all good! Just
recognize that “feel good” experiences do nothing but provide a
temporary vacation from the inner longing for purity, which is usually experienced
as an inner tension.

Do you wish to experience authentic evolution and greater soul alignment?
Then chances are, you will have to shift something! You will be called to release
your attachments to less nourishing activities, people and teachings, even though
those parties might be well-liked and approved by many.

Are you willing to let go of the need for approval?

We write this article as a reminder – there is no easy solution as long
as the ego is running the show. Every choice will be a negotiation and every
relationship a compromise. This is the school of density. And when the time
comes that you say “enough”…the ego will magnetize people
and circumstances around you that will test your resolve. You’ll then
be like the two year old taking a step forward and a step backward seeking to
find your legs in a shaking reality.

A solid and proven way through this process is to hold fast to your spiritual
tenacity. To trust the divine more than you trust anything in this world. To
be willing to die to the current form of being and lose everything….then
you can break free.

No one can do it for you.

No group, no religion, no teaching can do this for you….only you can
walk through the creations of limitation that are empowered in your life.

Teachings can remind you of truth. They can offer strategies for navigating
the world. However, Your Soul is the ultimate teacher, the true Temple….will
you surrender your agendas and let the soul lead?

If not now, then when?

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  1. Sri,
    My heart goes out to you at the passing of your son, Alden. It is always difficult when we lose one of our children-no matter their age. I offer you my love and support and am sending Reiki and comforting energies to you and all your family. May you find the peace and comfort knowing that all is well with him. In time his passing will be less painful. The memory of him will always be strong in your heart and thoughts. Remember all teh good things about him and the joy he brought to you and the lives he touched with his grace and love.
    Blessings, Love and Light,
    Reikiangel1946 LMT/Reiki Master/Teacher

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