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FOCUS or Fear... What you need to know! - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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FOCUS or Fear… What you need to know!

Time to walk the talk and... FOCUS!

FOCUS or Fear… What you need to know!

As much as August called for restoration and finding balance, September
brings forth that it is “time to walk the talk.”

Sri & Kira share about how the energy of FOCUS is coming into play
during the month of September and what that means on an individual and global

You are invited to send in your questions about the events and energies
September to be answered before the next Archangelic Insoulment, Saturday September
3rd. Questions deadline is August 30th! Send questions to


the Unification Molecule

The next step of the POWERFUL activation!
September 23, Vancouver, BC

Your Quantum Clairvoyance

Transport yourself into a universe of infinite possibilities!

September 24-25, Vancouver, BC

Healing – Quantum Life!

2012 Higher Love Radio

Mastery Training

Avesa Quantum Healing taught personally by Sri & Kira!
November 11-13, Antigua, Guatemala

Leadership Development Program

Become an Avesa Trainer and/or Certified Self Ascension Coach
or simply enhance your life and interpersonal skills in miraculous ways!
INCLUDES Avesa Mastery Training. Personally taught by Sri & Kira.
November 11-17, Antigua, Guatemala

the Inner Matrix Home Study Course

The 9 simple lessons in this course provide a proven path for experiencing
ever-refining levels of Joy and abundant vibrancy.

Gift yourself with the experience of enhanced physical and mental energy,
while resolving ego-oriented dependencies. In less than 3 months your
life will shift into a new abundant vibration offering you the gift of
your true self-empowered spiritual abundance!

Imagine your life when everything you truly seek to bring forward from
the space of Divine love actually manifests before you!

here for more information!

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