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Ascension Acceleration Experiences

“In the creationism energy the truth of your consciousness will be your greatest expression.” - Archangel Zadkiel

“As a being of light, as a being of true light,

all you can do is expand!”

Archangel Zadkiel

Time is folding upon itself! We are at the time of the integration of the Ascended Chakra System. As the energies on the planet escalate rapidly, your third dimensional experience IS SHIFTING!

With the entrance of the energy of the Fifth Dimension, many of you are experiencing changes in your body, mind and emotions. The 3D “experts” would call these symptoms! In fact, they are Ascension acceleration Energy Experiences!. These appear as you further embrace the Ascended Chakra System by the opening of the Galactic Root Chakra.

This list has been compiled at the request of the Archangelic Realm to offer you reassurance and “enlightenment” as you walk through this process of rapid integration.

Know that these energies appear as “markers along the way”. They are signs of your expansion!

If you are experiencing one or all of these energies, we encourage you to:

Breathe, Laugh, Smile, and KNOW!

Many Blessings and Much love to you!

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa


Ascension Acceleration Experiences (AAEs)

Watch the video at the top of the page for NEW AAEs!

  • Headaches: May be experienced as non-localized pressure in the head, or as waves of pressure that seem to move. Third eye “pressure”.
  • Visions and/or new “sight”: Your vision may seem to be shifting or non-stable. You may feel you require glasses one day, and a different shift the next. You may be certain you are “seeing” someone/thing out of the corner of your eyes. A deepening sense of the ability to “see”.
  • Sleep pattern interruptions: This takes on several different forms. The most important thing is to allow the energy to flow. Try not to resist it. You will not be sleep deprived unless you ‘fight the flow’. see Message 3 of Living in the 5th Dimension.
  • Feeling that you are going crazy, or losing your mind. This may also feel as if you are unable to focus in a manner you are accustomed to.
  • Re-visiting habits and patterns that you were confident were gone. Try not to go into judgment around this. In order to fully “ascend”, you must be at peace with old habits. Just say “thank you”, and keep moving forward!
  • Emotional tenderness, mood swings and “mania”. Know that you
    are moving an extreme amount of energy. Be gentle with yourself through thisshift.
  • Embracing Unity consciousness. Feeling overwhelming love for all of humanity, the planet, your existence.
  • Heightened sensitivity to smell, sound, and taste. This can also include a shift in your eating preferences, aromas you enjoy, and music selections. Losing track of “time”. This can manifest as missing appointments or exits on the freeway. Being late for meetings, needing to ask “what day is this?”
  • Physically dropping or bumping into things. Be careful here, know when it is not a good time to be cutting the vegetables!
  • “Hearing” high pitch tones, or a series of tones. This may also be accompanied by a pressure in one or both ears.
  • Spiritual Death or brief suicidal thoughts. Try to remember that these are merely third dimensional concepts trying to unlock an understanding of what you are experiencing.
  • A heightened sense of “not being on the planet”. This may also express itself as a sense of detachment, and occasionally may feel like a hangover.
  • A general sense of “free flowing” energy which can often manifest and be mis-interpreted as anxiety without basis.
  • Krias: Jolts of energy that are felt physically and often will move your body. They can be felt as a wave of energy of a sudden jolt that may lift you. Breathe through this experience and let the energy flow.
  • Lack of focus and attention for any length of time. Try to patient here, keep lists, and simply recognize that you were busy in another dimension.
  • Heightened/newfound discomfort with some public environments. This is usually triggered in “high density” buildings with toxic lighting, air, etc.
  • Sudden urge to make everything spacious. You may desire to release a personal “treasure”, feel a need to remove old clutter, donate old belongings, and remove furniture.
  • Heartburn or chest pressure. Your Galactic Heart is opening!
  • Attraction to new colors. This can also include a desire to totally change your wardrobe. Paint your bedroom, etc.
  • Change of priorities in your career/relationships. This often occurs when there would be no “rational” reason to make a change, however, you feel called to make a change.
  • Feeling of “moving fast”. You are accomplishing more energetically in a shorter period of time! This may have a physical “rush of energy” sensation. You may find yourself on a Friday feeling as if a month has passed instead of a week.
  • The world around you literally stops, as if it were a film, and then it is as if you are going 100 mph.

Tips for Flowing with AAE’s

  • First and foremost, do not panic or over-react! Know that, this too shall pass.
  • Offer yourself the gift of deep breathing. Bring your hand to your heart, center yourself, take a deep breath and Trust your process!
  • Choose Joy!
  • Drink as much fresh, pure water as you can.
  • “Lighten” your nourishment. Ascension Energy is “light” and a dense diet will be in conflict with the flow. A vegetarian diet will
    make the transition easier. Even if you only “lighten” a few days
    a week, you will notice the difference.
  • Use the Mantra of Self-Ascension daily to ground yourself in the truth of conscious evolution: I am Here, I am Ready, I am Open, Guide Me.
  • Gift yourself with gentle movement every day. This can be as simple as walking, Sacred Yoga, swimming. Just allow yourself the connection of moving the energy.

Remember that breathing deeply while choosing to be grateful for the energy offers reassurance to the body and the “Inner Child”. Cultivate trust and surrender and the Divine Flow becomes Joyful!

“In the creationism energy the truth of your consciousness will be your greatest expression.”

Archangel Zadkiel

5 responses to “Ascension Acceleration Experiences”

  1. OMG. I really did think I was going crazy. I have most of these symptoms. They started around October. I had a feeling it could all be caused by the Shift in energy as we moved towards and then past 12/21. Or it could have been just physical. I was so worried that I might have a brain tumor, or Lyme disease, or diabetes, or something like that, that I started having panic attacks, because I didn’t know what was happening. Then depression set in, totally removed from what was really going on around me. But I’ve been seeking answers from within, and had started working positively over the last several days, willing myself to feel better. Then source energy led me to your You Tube video, which led me to your web site tonight. Thank you so much for verifying what my inner truth was telling me. I’m feeling the shift most directly. A weight has been taken off my shoulders. They say misery loves company, but I’m no longer miserable, and now no longer alone. Thank you again and again.
    Albert Cooke

  2. Sometimes I feel like I am “late” in getting this info. I have been and still am experiencing symptoms. Yet, deep within there is excitement that transformation is occurring for the well being of what is natural, loving, and true like freedom and peace!

  3. Thank You, I just found you by accident by tuning into your radio show on Oct 2 not even knowing what show or who I was listening to ( well, not really, Source guided me to you) . I have been watching your youtube messages and starting to explore your website. I am in tears as I read this article here. There is so much going on that its overwhelming, and reading these systems are such a blessing, I am coming out of the obsession of wanting to leave this dimension physically because I felt I needed to move on. Your teachings are showing me paths that appeal and make sense to me. Sincerely Thank you from my whole being.

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