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Ascended Numerology Forecast for March 2023 - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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Ascended Numerology Forecast for March 2023



Ascended Numerology Forecast for March 2023

By Master Lady Kira Raa


Ascended Numerology, through the Sacred Sequence of incarnation, integrates ALL of the elements. The harmonic combination of Sacred Geometry with an ancient form of Arithmancy, (a system that assigns numerical values to letters), opens the gateway of the Ascension vibration through ancient formulas. The moment where you remember your-self as a Miracle in Action.  The conscious connection with the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation assisting the soul into full Mastery Presence in this form of BEing. 

March 2023 = 5 Prime + Infinite 

…Fly freely into the Depth of your Infinite Divine Mastery Presence

The Active Presence of Eternal Life in Form

The fully opened eye of the S.T.O.R.M. of 2023 has opened to reveal the new Alchemies that are forming and stabilizing.  The March 2023 full moon arises with the harmony of the alchemies. The perfectly timed reminder of the Divine masculine and the Sacred feminine UNIFIED AS the ONENESS moment.

This is the moment of action and activity.  Creation is vast and the collaborations are celebrating the affirmation of the momentum at hand.  Miracles are ready to balance through an equinox that will assist to hold open the greater consciousness until June 2023.  

Liberation from the illusion is truly possible through the full acceptance of your-self outside of all judgement and ties to the paradigms that have been outgrown.  The spiritual maturity that has been blossoming for those who choose, is yours to harvest.

To soar with the knowing that YOU ARE NOT CRAZY and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

The active presence of Eternal life in form is yours to consciously claim through the smile of your eternal nature as activated through the Mastery Breath of Divine Presence.  (this month’s practice).


YOU…are READY and the moment to expand into your dreams is abundantly here.  

March = 7 Prime


Divine Mastery Presence arises into the Unified Field of Oneness

Unification of the upper chakras is the KEY as the eternal nature of your Divine mastery Presence calls out with greater clarity and support.  YES…the infinite creative force of creation  IT-self is supporting YOU…and has put into motion that which began with Humanity’s re-set of January 01, 2023.

The Alchemical transformation of your physical experience is expanding, and the shifts are undeniable. The alchemical transformation of your life is unfolding at a rapid pace as the eye of the S.T.O.R.M. reveals ALL and TRUE support is HERE.  

Smile…more and TRUST the gifts before you. Your dreams are in motion and those that have assisted YOU to be HERE…NOW…are celebrating with YOU.  Relax into the trust of your divine nature and notice where it is guiding you.

The intersection of this gift of self-love is the affirmation in motion that:



March Integration Practice:

The Mastery Breath of Divine Presence

The process of the Mastery breath of Divine Presence is to focus the gift of your 

Conscious mastery of the body of form.  The moment of celebration that YOU…ARE…HERE 

as the in-bodyment of ALL.  Consciously Aware of the experience of your choice.

Prior to gifting your-self with this practice, create a sacred environment that surrounds you with peace. Once you feel comfortable with the environment, sit or lie down as your heart calls to do so.  From the space of deep peace, inhale a deep cleansing breath and release.

Then, call forward three conscious Avesa Breaths.  (Inhale through the nose the energy of AVE, and exhale through the mouth the sound of SA – Infinite presence) 

Notice the Self as you witness the exhale of the infinite presence energy through the audible SA…and after the three breaths, ignite the inner smile as the outer smile, noticing the call to non-judgement and deep inward reflection…

From this space call forward the sacred intention your heart has all-ready revealed.  

Then…notice what you notice.

Float in the co-creative frequency of your Divine Mastery Presence.

Consciously call forward the wisdom and remembrance you are ready to receive.

And then…trust the gifts showered before YOU.

March Ascension Up-level Dates:  

March is the calling heard through the affect of the Triple Prime!  A moment of remembrance of your eternal nature as the active presence of the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation!  LIVE updates 1st & 3rd  Sundays 12pm ET:  YouTube/OfficialSriandKira.

March = 7 Prime       2023= 7 Prime + Infinite       March 2023 = 5 Prime+ Infinite

March 07, 2023: Alchemical Transformation Full Moon = 8

March 13, 2023: Mars Amplification of 2022 Jupiter Affect = 8

March 20, 2023:  Equinox Balance cycle begins = 5 Prime

March 21, 2023: Illuminated New Moon = 10


March 2023 Ascended Numerology Physical Body Ascension Energy:

The Code of the Soul is one with physical form.  Sharing the Sacred Union of body and spirit.  This illuminating presence ever-patiently experiences the depth of your “formed” experience.  

As the energy of the month is revealed, Ascended Numerology affects the physical body experience of the monthly energy sequencing.  Simply gaze at the physical body chart releasing the need to “understand” and igniting the trust of KNOWING.

March offers the physical body “its moment”.  What that means is that ALL March energies are the divine dance of your Ascended nature as it is unifying with form.  

For those who are ready to accept their divine nature with ALL its precious gifts, the moment of the extra-ordinary is yours to behold!  Letting go of the self-doubt of the SELF and embracing your unique journey of remembrance with ALL the Peace, Love and Joy you deserve.

For those who are deeply steeped in fear energy that body will be acting out with numerous “head issues” such as sinus pain, congestion and outright confusion.  If you find yourself wresting with any of these energies, SMILE and thank them for reminding YOU…that in March 2023, the higher chakras ARE the guide, and YOU ARE READY to soar!

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