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Are You FREE to BE?

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

If you have grown up in the United
States, or if you have witnessed the actions of the United States from another
country, the word freedom is a consistent and powerful common thread in your
experience.  After all, it is the
defining term of the United States.

We are taught that we must die for
freedom.  We are taught to be
grateful for our freedom, and we are taught that freedom is the ultimate gift
for any human to receive on the planet earth.

From the limited perspective of a one
country “world” these teachings hold a limited paradigm of the greater sense of
freedom.  Yet, buried deep beneath
the messages that may have had their heyday of limitation, we can scroll
through all history and discover the greater, broader invitation to experience
the fullness
of freedom

You may have already connected with
our article on Polarity and Consciousness, as we
discuss the events at the Lincoln Memorial held on August 28, 2010.  And if you have connected with this
article, then you are aware that we feel strongly that the greater gift at the
Lincoln Memorial is found engraved, larger than life on the wall that is to
Lincoln’s right as you look at him.


It is the speech that he delivered as
he took office for the second time.  It was a speech given to a country that was in extreme pain and
fear.  It IS a speech that we
re-discovered on our recent journey to Washington DC that holds as true today
as it did the day it was delivered.  Here is the last paragraph from that very short speech, see how this
feels for you!  (We also strongly encourage you to read the
entire speech from an ascended and awake perspective, and have posted it for
your convenience, just click here.

malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God
gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to
bind up the nation’s wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle,
and for his widow, and his orphan–to do all which may achieve and cherish a
just and lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations.”

last paragraph of Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Speech
in Washington, D.C.,  March 4, 1865

As we soar toward 2012
and watch as many of the freedoms that we have taken for granted are shifting
and disappearing, these words become ever more important.  Perhaps it is time to bind up the
nation’s wounds!  It is certainly
time to take care of all who have borne the battle, and our beloved Gaia is
crying for us to achieve and cherish lasing peace with all nations!  Beautiful words that invoke the strong
realization that it is our moment to redefine ourselves, our lives and our
understanding of freedom.

It is easy
to stay asleep!

It is easy to ignore
the bigger picture!

It is easy to stay in an old paradigm!

are taught that we must die for freedom. 

What does this mean once we awaken to
the greater gift of a universal harmony with all beings?  Perhaps it is the recognition that a
way of being which supports limitation of all types must end for us to
re-discover our fullness.  Is it
possible that we have simply misinterpreted what dying for freedom means, or
how to achieve it?

We have the co-creative power to
fully embrace the full force of our soul freedom at any moment. 

If we are to die for freedom, than
let us die from our destructive nature and fill our souls with the living force
of the Divine light of love and indeed LIVE our freedom.

are taught to be grateful for our freedom.

Gratitude is indeed a wondrous energy
that fills our lives and enriches our souls.  Every day lived in the energy of sincere gratitude brings
forth greater miracles, greater love and greater joy.  For an awakened being, gratitude is as natural as
breathing.  It fills your life, and
in all-ways enriches the lives of those who are blessed to be with you.

Gratitude is not obligatory and
gratitude is not judged.  It is the
resurrection of consciousness when gratitude enters our lives.  The great a-ha moment that comes forth
and resonates with our life experience.

Yes! It is a beautiful gift to
recognize that YOU ARE FREE!  To
fully enjoy the bountiful expression of your soul in form without doubt is a
great sense of freedom that is the natural expansion from gratitude.

AND, the powerful recognition that
freedom has nothing to do with what country you were born in, what country you
live in, what color your skin is, or what spiritual beliefs or political
affiliations you hold.  Freedom
cannot ever be granted to you!

You were born free, and the moment
you fully reclaim this gift, your life expands with bounty exponentially.

are taught that freedom is the ultimate gift for any human to receive on the
planet earth.

This is certainly a true statement.  When applied toward a consciousness that has awakened it
becomes even more relevant.  For
the recognition of self, in the fullness of soul freedom is absolutely the
ultimate gift for any sentient being to re-discover.


We then break free of the limiting paradigms and allow ourselves to
see, sense, feel and experience the fullness of an ignited soul in the beauty
of the earth experience.

On August 28, 2010 we were honored to bring to the world the Divine
Illuminations Lesson 10 which literally re-defines healing and re-defines the
energy of protection.  This was a
freeing moment and particularly powerful that is was delivered on the same day
as the 47th anniversary of the Martin Luther King, I have a dream

This was a particularly powerful anniversary of this speech, unlike any
other, in that for the first time, a “new” energy took center stage at the
Lincoln Memorial and invited thousands to believe one way and to follow a
specific path.

This was a defining moment and one that offers all to fully gaze at
their own centeredness and awakened beingness.  For as we take the important moment to honor our birthright,
which is the freedom to simply BE, we begin to recognize the collective freedom
that is available for all.  And, we
become ever more aware that the words of others are not our barometer.  Our heart is and will all-ways be the
ultimate barometer.

In our book, 2013: Mayan Sunrise, we unveil the structures that have
been empowered by the collective paradigms for many thousands of years.  We specifically discuss the energy of
freedom.  This specific chapter
focuses on how we have arrived at the moment before us, the energies that are
playing out on our planet, and unveil a greater understanding to assist as many
who choose to fully awaken from the collective illusion.  Here is an excerpt:

“The word freedom is so easily thrown about in our
world experience.  We seek to be
free from constraints that are perceived to interfere with our freewill.  Constraints are as basic as the feeling
of being trapped in school as a young child, to the frustrated worker who feels
shackled to their job.  Each
experience offers a limited sense of freedom that can become accepted as normal.

We have
collectively created a limiting belief system around the experience of
freedom.  Most people do not want
the responsibility that cones with freedom. Thus, structures and institutions
have been generated with the intent to support society, yet they perpetuate
control of the many. The secret agendas of these structures is buried beneath
the veneer of freedom messages.  While the institutions claim to be serving the individual, in fact they
disempower the individual. This causes conflict at the core of our

Until you are able to fully let go of the paradigms that hold you
you will not ever be free.

A free people
are an empowered people that will not easily be herded, deluded, or
unreasonably taxed.  True freedom
will dismantle centralized power structures.

As you contemplate
this, also recognize that true freedom is ultimately the greatest weapon to
protect oneself from any system that seeks to control you.  It is the fear of your freedom that has
given rise to the modern day pontificators.

Page 146, 2013: Mayan Sunrise


encourage you to read, re-read and notice how you experience the full chapter
that this excerpt comes from. 

August 28, 2010 a newly knighted modern day pontificator gathered a crowd and
encouraged them to understand one paradigm of freedom.  We are not offering any judgment as to
the content of the pontificator.  What we are inviting is for you to break free of a limiting paradigm.  To claim the divine truth of ignited
light that you are.  To perhaps
call forth the greater sense of freedom that is waiting for you to re-energize.

is a powerful year and with it comes many powerful messages for all humanity.
When you choose to be awake, when you choose to look beyond the illusion, then
you have chosen the moment to fully pay attention to your own heart and ask:

Am I FREE to

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