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And The Truth Shall Set You Free… - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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And The Truth Shall Set You Free…

By Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

Beloved Community of Self-Ascension! The power of this moment is calling all light workers to fully stand in their love and full power of eternal light as we collectively enter into the energy of the 9th wave. To fully bring yourself through this moment, the energy of Soul Truth is more important than ever. And, all that is in conflict with this truth will gather steam and create great frustration, doubt, and distrust within your life experience over the next few months. Now more than ever it is important to remember that Truth is not an intellectual agreement. It is a universal alignment.

Photo by JD Photography
Photo by JD Photography

The “YOU” as a “human being” is able to release earth-based concepts and free yourself from a host of limiting beliefs as you begin to anchor once again in Universal Truth. Truth does not require validation from an authority; it is lived with each conscious breath!

This discernment can only occur after one has found the safety of their Core Essence. The outer world is filled with fears, limitation and judgement energies that seek to perpetuate separation and chaos. It is our belief in the outer expressions that perpetuate these energies. Seeking validation and approval from the outer world perpetuates fear. This is why the discovery and activation of our Core essence is essential.

In our Core we know that the Essence of our true energy is eternal and unlimited.

The great traditions all teach that we are created in the image and likeness of the Creator. Yet as we roam the earth school of experience we often unwittingly empower the very opposite! As an expression of our free will and Co-creative power, we have collectively accepted the belief and journey of death, sickness, poverty and a host of other limitations throughout many lifetimes of experience. All of these experiences at their core have one great gift…to bring us to the moment of our true freedom.

True freedom is lovingly found by those who can unplug from the illusion of the outer world and joy-fully re-discover the truth of their Core Essence.

Freedom is found by walking through fear and discovering that it has no power of itself at all! A courageous act! This is an inside journey that is as individual as the number of beings on the planet and only the “YOU” can walk this pathway.

May all paths be honored as unique expressions of The Journey Home!

And, when the need for outer consensus, dogmas and authorities is finally relaxed, then the revelations of the Mystic are made available to us once again. Our true Freedom is found in the Mystic’s Journey where the Truth of the Divine is revealed unto through the inner wisdom of the sincere seeker. It is through our inner seeking, anchored in humility and sincere love for the Divine that we connect with the greatest rewards. For may your heart know beyond all doubt that God cannot hide from One who trusts unconditionally and acts with sincerity! We invite you to explore this with us more by visiting 2012 Higher Love radio and listening to the radio show, FREE TO BE! It is your moment to celebrate that your life is unfolding beautifully and lovingly in all-ways.

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  1. So Beautiful! This message contains many golden nuggets, and one I just loved is: “Now more than ever it is important to remember that Truth is not an intellectual agreement. It is a universal alignment.”

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