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Anchoring Your Crystalline Ascension!


Beloved Community!

You are most certainly experiencing the shift of energy in your daily life! Everything has aligned to support the rapid escalation of Cosmic connection and with this support there is the call to fully anchor the Diamond Portal of your Crystalline Ascension.

The months of February, March, April and culminating in May of 2013 are SIGNIFICANT point setting months. During this time the vibration of each lunar cycle that coordinates with that month is sending out strong luminescent fields of crystalline light for those who are ready to claim this gift.

The month of February is the top point of the diamond and anchors with the unity of Love and the claiming of


This ignites the top point of the diamond like a beacon to the universe that simply, yet powerfully sends the signal to your cosmic brethren that you are present! It is our presence that will in all ways ignite others and it is our presence that has the greatest service impact on our planet.

Earlier this month the Divine Beings of Crystalline Light offered to the planet a profound discourse that is a great blessing and one that should be read literally line by line and also viewed as often as possible. The energy transmissions in this discourse are directly aligned to assist you to break free from any and all remaining constrictions that would seek to prevent your full anchoring of I AM HERE!

We were also offered the following insight as to how we can assist ourselves to move into this moment with greater grace and ease:

This gift to thyself, pure light, water, lemon, and green, for four days, will cleanse out any remaining congestions in the energetic field of your divine healer-ship, and offers to thee great freedom.

When the feet are free, the energy will be able to lift you up.

You will find that your physical body will re-normalize[1] effortlessly, and you will find the form that serves your ignited Ess-See-Nah form.

[1] This is a direct reference to sensations of pain, imbalance, weight and emotional well being.

Many of you have asked what does this really mean and how can you allow yourself to listen and expand into this suggestion to maximize your service during this powerful time. The answers are simple! TRUST YOURSELF!

We discovered that we enjoyed our four days so much we repeated them. The gift is to offer to yourself the recognition that you are cleansing congestions from your energy field and that as you release these congestions, the physical body responds to you with LOVE. When we love ourselves enough to release all that no longer serves us the physical and emotional forms of our existence come forward buoyantly and respond to with greater presence.

The ignition of our feet, the cleansing of our feet is where all true healing begins. Several years ago the Ess-See-Nah brethren lovingly offered this great wisdom and we have brought this wisdom into everyday practice and also greet all of our visitors to TOSA La Laguna with a loving foot treatment.

If you are called to indulge in 4 days of pure light, water, lemon and green, here is what we discovered during our 8 days of the journey.

Pure light!

This gift is one we enjoy often and encourage you to re-discover.

Throw open all of your windows or curtains.

Try to ignite the gift of pure light.
Light a white candle and go deep into the flame, watch it split and then go even deeper.

Reignite your Star Consciousness and then close your eyes and in-joy the pure light that emerges and where it takes you!

Pure Water!

Clear, pure water is essential and you will find that you want to have it by you all the time.

We also found that physically immersing in water and gazing at large bodies of water was extraordinary.

Water is the divine flow of an abundant spiritual and physical life in harmony and balance. The more you call forth, the more your life will expand with bounty of all forms.

To find out about how to have our personally developed crystalline water system, click here!


The ultimate cleanser and alkalizer. The inclusion of lemon was wondrous. We floated fresh slices in our bathtub and included it in every glass of water. We also used it to “wash” our hands.

Anytime you feel that you have energy congested within you take a whole lemon and put four deep grooves into it, like marking the 4 directions. Then, rub the grooves thoroughly onto your hands and fingers and invite the lemon to purify your energy field. You will be amazed.


Lastly, green! Our dear friend.
We did our best to put our feet into the green garden of our planet.

We included green as our main food and of course had plenty of fresh lemon on it as well.

We lived as green as we could during this time…what is your impact on this planet?
Living green sends a strong signal that you are one with all beings.

Yes! February is here, and you are here!

Let Love be your guide as you anchor this energy and as we dive into March which will anchor the lower point of the Diamond together we will be unified in our Love and our ability to call forth the divine abundant flow.

With the grace and ease of Self-Ascension,

Sri and Kira

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  1. To sri and and Kira delightful Beings of Light and Love. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,.and Thank You for all the free messages and insoulments You give! Mikey had the best meditation of my life. I am honored to have met You. In am honored to recieve Your free teachings. I was told to share an experiance That I had at Tosa Lagune with the second Mayen Cerimoney . I saw a huge huge Golgen Diamond Bird That any one can hop on to and fly with it to the fifth!!!! All the love mikey’s Heart to Both of You

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