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Monday Magic – Live Interactive Video Teachings!

Start date: January 13, 2022
End date: December 31, 2022
Time: -

Monday Magic Transformed & Up-Leveled!

Join us Masters!

The Journey BEGINS January 24th Continues every 1st and 3rd Monday every month at 7 pm Eastern time

Gather with Sri & Kira LIVE in REAL TIME Expanding the Yoga of Self-Ascension through unpacking and Up-Leveling profound spiritual teachings. There are twelve lessons in each series and you will receive colorful pdf’s to print and build your spiritual library.

Join with Community and RECEIVE Support!

Discover the Energetic Support for Your Expansion of Consciousness! The Yoga of Self-Ascension offers VAST resources needed now by Humanity for the energy of the up-level year. 2022 is both challenging and miraculous; let’s link arms and LIFT together! Each LIVE interaction features Sri & Kira answering your Questions and Giving Real Time Support. Plus Zoom Chat with the community! This is a donation-based subscription series.  Your membership grants you access to the LIVE tele-stream plus access to the video library to review the lessons

Monday Magic is a gift of service to  Clinica Linda to bring pain relief and healing to the World!

Monday Magic is a subscription membership – Click on the Register Button to enroll

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  If you have any challenges enrolling, then here is a direct Paypal link for the membership.  Click Here. However it is best if you use the Register button above as this is an automatic process.

Sri & Kira LIVE: The Voice of Passionate Action

Start date: January 30, 2022
End date: February 19, 2023
Time: -

Sundays LIVE Noon Eastern at Official Sri & Kira YouTube.

Join it here on Sunday, at 12pm ET: https://www.youtube.com/officialsriandkira

“Sri and Kira are Uplifting the Consciousness of the World!”

Newsweek Magazine


Passionate + Action = The Law of Instantaneous Manifestation! LIVE on Sundays Noon Eastern. Answers to your Questions in Real Time with Sri & Kira
Be there for WORLDWIDE experience of Awakening Consciousness as the Sea of Neutrality Anchors. A moment of collective AWARENESS, as the LIVING EXPERIENCE that affects ALL of our Choices.

Sri & Kira take you on a weekly journey of discovery as to  how the energy of the current month is affecting  your Peace, Love & Joy!

NYE LIVE Broadcast

Start date: December 31, 2022
End date: January 1, 2023

NYE LIVE Broadcast

NYE LIVE Broadcast January 31st 7 pm Eastern TOSA Blue Mountain

New Years Eve In Person

Email support@selfascension.com for further details and to reserve your spot!

Cosmic Egypt Ascension Tour June 2023

Start date: June 1, 2023
End date: June 10, 2023
Time: -

Ongoing Events

Every Sunday: Sri & Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action! Noon Eastern, USA

Sri and Kira LIVE The Voice of Passionate Action. Your path of Awakening is as unique as you are! Ignite your Authenticity as you connect with Sri & Kira’s energy! Join Sri & Kira for a LIVE every week as they reveal the ascension energy forecast and unlock the ascended numerology for the month
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First Saturday of Each month, Mastery Miracle Mentorship Gathering & Ceremony
12:00 PM Eastern, USA.

Mark your calendar for the first Saturday of each month!

Sri & Kira join with Mastery Miracle Mentorship subscribers via LIVE VIDEO connection! A power-filled moment that calls forward the ignited presence of THE HEALING LIGHT on behalf of all!  Monthly energies are offered in greater details, along with practices to assist your journey

Sri & Kira also receive your live questions and sharing! Each gathering culminates with ceremony specially created to assist your life to expand and your mastery to accelerate! Learn more inside the APP!

Learn about the APP by clicking here! >



Every Monday: In Depth Self-Ascension Teaching

Are you ready for the Next Step?

The path of Awakening requires Steadfast Commitment, Focused Awareness, and Complete Trust (in the Divine).

These Monday classes unlock the keys to Living an Ascended Life and provide spiritual support.

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