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About Orbs

What Can You Tell Me About Orbs Appearing in Pictures?
from 2012: You Have a Choice by Sri and Kira

Orbs! What are these mysterious and most wondrous balls o light that are appearing
in so many pictures now? There are many different opinions about these mystical
light emanations. We have noticed that without exception, every event we photograph
will have at least one picture with numerous orbs in it.

Often, we will receive a copy from a participant who was delighted to find
orbs in their developed photos.

So what does the Archangelic realm have to offer about these plasma goodies?
When we asked, we received an answer that made perfect sense. We are at a time
of undeniable contact with many other dimensions, worlds, and energies. Every
day, more and more of the veil is thinning to offer us glimpses of the fifth
dimensional world to prepare our sensitive nervous systems.

Think about it. Just a few years ago, the idea of an orb appearing in your
pictures was not even in your consciousness. Now they appear with great regularity
and are becoming more and more common, especially among gatherings of individuals
who are calling forth the loving energies of the universe.

Given that, they are a true gift. We often call them "Angel Hearts"
as they frequently appear in photos where there is an atmosphere of joy or love.
Orbs offer loving proof that inter-dimensional energies are present with us
at all times. Each time an Angel Heart appears in our pictures, it reminds us
that we are being prepared for a true shift in our consciousness, and that we
are loved so much that we are being given this time of adjustment.

The next time an Angel Heart appears in your pictures, remember that you are
being asked to look into another dimension. The veil is not as thick as it may
seem, and it is getting thinner all the time.

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2012: You Have a Choice
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