Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension

7 Days of H.O.P.E. and 7 Minutes of Master Presence - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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1000 people WILL Change the WORLD!!! Our Gift to you 7 Days

What are the 7 Days of H.O.P.E?
June 27 through July 03, 2022
These 7 Days are the New Moon illumination that prepares July’s emerging “butterfly energy” to soar with H.O.P.E.
This expansive energy of H.O.P.E. is absolutely available for ALL to easily arise from the cocoon to fly unencumbered by fear.
Then the Unification of Humanity through Unconditional Love finds fertile soil to plant the seeds of a collective potentiality of Grace.

Through this focused intentional experience of 7 days of Active Mastery Presence, the illumination of the New Moon opens that which had found safety in the dark to now REMEMBER outside of the egoic distractions.

This moment of active H.O.P.E. invites ALL to say YES to the human potentiality of Peace, Love and Joy! This is the divine experience that transcends all ego and opens the gateway of unconditional love as service.

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We INVITE YOU to Embrace 7 Minutes of Active Mastery Presence

Your eternal nature is ever-present and ever-active as the zero point generator of ALL that YOU…ARE. Living a life in form does its best to distract and coerce your eternal nature into forget-fullness,…yet within each moment is the presence of FREEDOM.

Active Mastery Presence is a gift we give to the self through conscious awareness, focused breath and OPEN minds.

Collectively, when the blessing of this attentive action toward our up-leveled consciousness ignites, we send the CLEAR signal to the universe that we are ready to thrive!

Adapting the habit of conscious active mastery presence calls forward robust miracle energy and manifestation.

YOU ARE the Active Master in form and offering your-self these 7 minutes of Active Mastery Presence daily truly matters and makes the difference!

This is beyond your regular form of meditation or yoga or other spiritual practice. This IS…the gift of devotion to YOUR Active Mastery Presence as the gift IT IS.
Invite yourself STARTING TODAY…and for 7 days consecutively to:

1. Share 7 minutes all at once (or through several shorter times during the day that total 7-minutes) FOCUSED upon the Blessing of RECEIVING from the universe. (Invite your focus to be on the energy of receiving without defining it)

2. CLEARLY set the intention of unification of humanity through unconditional love.

3. HOLD that vision

4. NOTICE what you notice.

Let go of any judgement or concern about what you notice or if you are “doing it right”.

Simply say YES as you witness the stunning and rapid realization of H.O.P.E. within YOU.

Smile often, love your-self MORE, and KNOW that with sincerity, love and presence, miracles are manifested.

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Come TOGETHER in Unconditional LOVE for the Unification of Humanity
Days 6 & 7 – Miracle Team Saturday AND Sunday Service
Discover the meaning of H.O.P.E for Humanity!
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