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2021 Ascension Energy Forecast - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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2021 Ascension Energy Forecast

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2021: Mastery Choice as The Harmonic flow of The Three Gates and The Twelve Cycles

Through Master Lady Kira Raa

Welcome to a truly dynamic year that will invite “THE ALL” to go beyond the boundaries of the accepted paradigms. “THE ONE” energy is calling, those who choose, to enter deeply into the divine nature of the interdimensional weaving of energy as the limitless nature of pure flow.

This is the energy of the ascended realms of Presence. Once embraced, this presence calls forward with clarity and certainty the mastery experience that has been spiraling around “The ALL” since 2015! 2021 is the final year of the seven-year Ascension Escalator that began in 2015 and has been steadily and lovingly lifting us all to prepare for this moment!

Celebrate! This is the rich opportunity to call into your life experience the full and complete awareness that we are, indeed, multi-dimensional. This is the call to greater freedom! It invites us to fully release the stagnant energy of holding our “self” back. And! All of the reasons that the mind offers to justify limitation will find that they no longer serve the ascended presence!

This energy is beauty-fully supported through the ever-greater expansion of the illusionary co-creative experience. Meaning that the more you are willing to call forward and see through the eyes of your illuminated presence, the greater the depth of the Divine Awareness that will reveal ever more!

2021 invites us ALL to dive ever deeper into our Mastery Presence as the gateway to Divine Awareness. To call forward the depth of THE KNOWING of THE TRUTH of our Mastery Presence without doubt.

Simultaneously, the harmonic flow of the 12 cycles ignites a greater ability to stand outside the emotional body that is being subjected to so much and to FULLY and COMPLETELY WITNESS the strength of the illusionary co-creation. To relax into our divine nature and ignite the inner smile that sees so clearly. Knowing that this illusion is so liquidly fluid and filled with such rich textures, our ever- expanding consciousness experiences it as nectar.

ALL of the gateways are opening and the Three Gates of this cycle of 2021 heralds the arrival into the fullness of the Ninth dimensional presence. This is why the Gates are here. To remind us of who we are through the layers of the illusion. How loved we all are!

YES! We are now beyond where we have ever gone before collectively! Breathe and receive this as the gift it is! This is a celebration moment that is inviting ALL of our attention! A moment where the expansion we are experiencing begins again with complete Conscious Awareness of the creation that is before us all!

We are at the moment where our Ascended presence is standing tall and offering us the support needed to navigate virtually every “thing”. All we need to do is say YES!

The Three Gates of 2021
What is most unusual, and yet so aptly available, is the harmonic resonance of the three gates. This opening is an expansion from our current experience and invites the FLOW of Harmony to BE the movement of our life experience.

The three gates that are opening, (and begin to clearly reveal in November 2020 as they build to 2021), are the energies that assist to energize the Harmonic Flow of the 12 cycles. As was present for 2020, we will continue with a second full year experience of RAPID and INTENSE up-level energy!

The Gates that open through the energy of rapid intensity are here to assist, those who choose, to stabilize in their ascended presence. This is a gift! It offers support in a manner that is gentle and filled with vast abundance. Through the practice of the Yoga of Self-Ascension, one easily opens all the gates through the framework of support that ignites through relaxing our resistance to our multi-dimensional presence.

When we release our self-sacrificing ways and love our selves even more, we ignite our inner mastery. This is easily accomplished through Steadfast Commitment, Focused Awareness and Complete trust of our Mastery Presence. Our heart knows the way!

This framework of support holds open the Torus energy that invites us to relax ever more as we remember that WE ARE the zero-point energy field. That we are able to effortless-ly call forward the Sacred Union of the Body with the Conscious Awareness of the Mastery Presence while fully aware of the current moment. This is the ESSENCE of 2021. How extra-ordinary!

The Law of Instantaneous Manifestation arises and anchors through our mastery presence. Calling this forward through our conscious attention assists us to in all-ways be in the right place, at the right time. And! TO KNOW that all of our needs are in all-ways met!

All three of the gates of 2021 are energetic opportunities and they are summarized as follows:

Gate One: Releasing Dogma and the energy of Sacrifice

We are at the moment of divine remembrance. The moment where all of that which is part of the all-encompassing humanity, will be faced with the energetic experience of the Victim Triangle of Consciousness or the Ascended Presence cycle of creation. At the core of this experience is the self-sacrifice.

As you gaze at the diagram you notice that the ever-refining spiral of creation is either pulling you in or calling you out. Arriving here at “earth school” we discover that our entry is granted through our forget-fullness. And that our continued participation means that we accept that sacrifice is acceptable. That there MUST be sacrifice.

Through this belief structure the victim is born. And the world of dogma becomes a cycle of experience that seeks to manipulate the creation through self-inflicting sacrifice.

It is time to LIFT above the illusion, to throw the arms of compassion around your “self” and to say YES to your Fifth Dimensional presence that KNOWS all sacrifice is a lie told to our ‘self’ to maintain our disconnection from mastery. It is merely a manipulation of creation and the smile of illumination as we lovingly wrap our arms around it with the reassurance of our awakened presence.

Gate Two: Ascended Kundalini and The Physical Spine
Relax your breath and exhale. Invite yourself to relax ever more and notice your spine. Pay attention to what it is sharing with you, for it is sharing much. Are you noticing anything that is calling your attention? And, most importantly take this moment to consciously move your neck, your shoulders and your arms.

Your spine is working harder than ever as it is RECEIVING the energetic flow ignited through the fully illuminating Divine Galactic Blueprint. This is the energy that sustains your ascended presence while simultaneously inviting the physical body to relax into the trust of divine guidance.

Your spine is the connection point between that which is “here” and the Mastery ascended presence that is now arising. This power-full connection point that is first activating at the medulla is ASSISTING your ascended Kundalini to awaken!

For many the spine will be the greater teacher as the sustenance of the body. This is the moment to fully pay attention to that which is the structure of the density experience. For when the body returns to the dust of the earth, it is the spine that remains as the reminder of that which was.

Notice any physical pain along the spine points and rise up through your compassion to say yes to what it is revealing now. Each point that calls to you is showing the way to your greater fluidity, your divine flow, and the reclamation of your mastery presence.

The greater your flow through self-love and fluidity, the kinder a 2021 experience you will enjoy.

Gate Three: Star Consciousness and Inner resistance

Let go of resistance and receive the pure divine flow of your majestic mastery presence that has been stagnant by the lack of direct connection with the spirit. This sacred union releases all that is unlike joy for it is the essence of unconditional love. It is the moment when you are able to fully exhale and reclaim through the depth of knowing YOU!

This experience defies the mind of form as it outside of the resistance that would create a limitation. It is only the self-imposed limitations of our dreams that calls us to stop when we are frequently at the moment of our greatest attainment.

Inner resistance is often focused through our thoughts and habits that are comfortable in their familiarity and therefore tolerable in their pain. It is the moment at hand that has called us all here! And this moment goes beyond the third eye of consciousness and invites the opening of the Star Consciousness connection through the activation of our Cosmic Prime Meridians.

Consider the control your ego/brain still carries and also notice if you have experience unusual headaches or high-pitched sounds. Often this is due to the Star Consciousness calling for you to lift through your current state of consciousness and this energy is in conflict with the captivated third eye.

Your Star Consciousness is located about 1 inch above your third eye. If you place your finger on your third eye and breathe in and the on the exhale move your finger up slowing you will easily find it. It might even feel tender. Simply allow yourself to call your breath to this area, relax and notice what you notice. You are anchoring your multi-dimensional sight and saying yes to ever greater love and compassion for you!

The 12 Cycles of Harmonic Flow for 2021
The cycles of Harmonic Flow are the river upon the three gates are floating through this moment. Each cycle will be “timed” with each month, however, the cycle of all twelve is already flowing. Each of these energies is already harmonizing as THE ONE. This is the river of the energy of the year. All twelve as the flow.

As this river flows, each month the energy cycle will be amplified with the aspect of the twelve that is aligned with that month. What is important to remember is that THIS IS A FLUID YEARLY cycle. Therefore, these energies are still moving and still churning, HOW humanity collectively experiences energy is still being created. The blessing is that we know what they are and we are ready to ride this beauty-full wave with the Law of Instantaneous Manifestation* as our guide and companion. Welcome master to your year of celebration of YOU.

January is the Naga: Great protection and the blessing of fluidity and multi-dimensional adaptability
February is the Lion head: Courage, strength and excellence.
March is the Time of the Big Cats: A moment to remember how power-full you are!
April is the Sacred Vessel
May is the Time of the First Prophecy
June is the Time of the Second Prophecy
July is the Moment of the Melting earth
August is the Moment of the Melting Cosmos
September is the Sacred Container
October is The Window
November opens The Flows
December reveals The bigger picture

As your heart calls you into the blessing of the opening of the three gates and your soul aligns with the GIFT OF your divine mastery presence may your smile of remembrance broaden as a gift received!

2021 is a moment of extraordinary upliftment and anchoring levels of consciousness that defy the mind so why not let it go and enjoy the ride!

*Law of Instantaneous Manifestation” and “Concentric Dimensionality” are service marks of The Temple of Self-Ascension.

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