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2020 Ascension Symptoms: Expanding Consciousness & Understanding the Moment


WELCOME to 2020, the first year of the decade of Roaring flow!  

Sri and Kira have been actively practicing the Yoga of Self-Ascension since late 2002. Almost immediately we began experiencing the ‘symptoms’ of vibrational upliftment.  We honestly did not understand these symptoms until Archangel Zadkiel came forward to assist us with greater clarity.

Due to this clarity, our hearts called us to start sharing these Ascension Acceleration Energy Experiences (AAEE’s) with the world in 2003.  We have been updating these Ascension Symptoms as a world service ever since.  

It is important to note that we only share from our authentic experience – these AAEEs are experiences that we have lived and worked through.  As Mastery Mentors, we hold to the principle that we ourselves must first master a process before we can guide others.

 The 18 Ascension Symptoms of 2020, (plus the Two Master symptoms), redefine our understanding of Ascension symptoms and how we interface with them. Regardless of your perceptions or “belief” in the ascension energies, they are happening!  

How you integrate the energies largely depends upon your state of consciousness.  

2020 ignites the opportunity to dramatically lift your vibrational reality or to fully energize your density patterns and limiting beliefs.  Both are gifts, for birth calls forward the experience your soul is inviting you to recognize.

The dramatic energetic up-leveling over the next two years, (2020-2022) brings forward a new context for the ascension energy experience as we are asked to release old ways of thinking and re-contextualize our reality.  Our brains are being invited to receive oneness and flow more easily as we release the traditional subject-object way of interacting.  

The 2020 Up-level Calendar discloses moments of peak up-level energy.  You are called to either consciously embrace these crescendos of energy consciously OR simply feel the Shockwave with each event while ‘holding on” to your established orientation. The up-level moments are often characterized by a sense of “lost time” or time passing really fast as time loses its context in “quantum reality”.

This year will call you to cultivate greater mastery of your Light body.  This mastery is essential to easily flow with the up-level energy.  Your Mastery is awakened as you practice consciously running energy.  Spiritual practices such as “The Living Ankh” and the “Ascension Energy Activator” help reawakening the Mastery of your Light body and teach you to take command of energy.  

Many are in the habit of trying to integrate spiritual energy into their lives. Commonly they effort to make their worldly identity (ego) more spiritual. This habit will become difficult, as your existing life patterns reflect a more basic vibrational state of consciousness.  Many of those choices, contracts and patterns no longer “work well” the new energy.  You may discover greater dissatisfaction with the previous choices and you will be called to cultivate the courage to embrace new, more authentic choices.

This is a time of recontextualizing your “self” as an energy being.  That is, your sense of Self will become less attached and defined by earthly experiences and norms. 

Through the dance of the Dragonfly energy, 2020 calls forward Profound Shift as Visionary Transformation through Timeline Adaptation.  This phrase will become ever-more understood as you transit through the multi-dimensional experiences and start consciously commanding your time-line.  The energy of this year offers the opportunity for Mass Awakening into Self-Ascension.

Become aware! Are you Ascending into a new context for Being or are you seeking to adapt to the new frequencies while holding on to the familiar life patterns?  Ask:  Am I willing to release my attachment to the predictability of my normal and instead be more present to what is being revealed?  If you chose to be present and allow the 2020 frequencies to integrate without resistance, the shift that will happen in your life will bring forward greater Authenticity.

The Yoga of Self-Ascension is about consciousness. It is a path of unconditional self-love so that the Soul energy may fully express through your body and life experience. Your Soul mirrors the 2020 energy, thereby co-creating the Up-level experience!  This magnification of the opportunity for Mastery will be available from 2020 to 2022.

Consciousness ascends through ‘predictable layers’.  The current energy affects ALL.  And! Those that are anchored in density consciousness will experience greater polarity and find safety in firming-up their beliefs and positionality.  Similarly, those anchored in spiritual activism will discover more passion for their alliances and vision.

Both density and activism will be fueled in the energy of this time.

Those who are CHOOSING conscious up-leveling are being called to further release attachments to limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that no longer serve the soul’s full expression. There is an opportunity for rapid healing as the body releases stored imprints. You may discover that some friendships and career choices are simply less compatible with your authentic energy.  

As you choose to respect and release that which is no longer aligned, you will notice how quickly your flow increases.  Synchronistic events, miracles, and new alignments, will reveal themselves as you trust ever-more this new context for living.

Living in the Ascended frequencies calls forward the re-cog-nition that context is more important than content. Your consciousness will more dramatically affect how and what you Experience.

Over the past 16 years we have observed many Ascension “flu symptoms” and vibrational signals.  Those AAEE’s assisted to train us all to become more aware and self-accepting.  The inner tones, vision fluctuations, and other experiences, were the direct result of energetic environmental shifts and assist to carry your Ascended Presence forward.  

2020 has arrived and brings you to a quantum shift EXPERIENCE.

We are now at the time of inter-dimensional energy EXPEREINCE and learning how to adapt and anchor beyond the 5th dimensional frequency.  The energy experiences up to this point were signs of up-leveling and opening our recognition of interdimensional frequencies.  

Remember! There is a difference between touching and tasting higher frequencies and actually anchoring in them.

It is your commitment to the lift that is calling forward the interdimensional signals as you become the Witness that is Witnessing the Witnesser of the current life Experience. Once you have truly anchored in the Ascended Heart and learned to accept 5th dimensional reality, then the quantum realms reveal new aspects of your Mastery.  You identify less with the self and more with the consciousness that is observing a “self.”

We are at the time of the mass awakening to Self-Ascension.“Mass Awakening” is different from “Awakening of the Masses”!

Remember, awakening is a reflection of your evolutionary journey, it does not happen ‘to’ you.  Outside events and mentors can stimulate inner mastery, and your awakening is an ‘inside job’.

When you lift into the ascended state, your vibration positively affects 100,000 others to become aware of that state of Being.  This is a ‘quantum offset’ that touches all Beings!  The love-based vibratory state prevents the density mass from imploding due to the weight of their negativity.  Beings of love assist all to have the experiences they require for their own evolution.

David Hawkins developed an objective scale of levels of consciousness. (See his book, Power vs Force). He notes that once a person achieves 500 on his scale, they have anchored into a zone of Love-based reality and everything changes.  We observe the truth of this through anchoring in the Ascended Heart, which calibrates at 500 on Hawkins’ scale.  

However, Hawkins writes that it is unlikely for a person to lift more than a few points in a lifetime.  What we know to be true is that the grand cosmic cycle upon us now invites quantum leaps in levels of consciousness.  We are witnessing extra-ordinary increases in levels of consciousness.

The 5th dimension has been available for many years.  It is understood as the attainment of one who lives in the heart. 5th dimensional reality is characterized by compassion.  The great spiritual teachings on the planet all point to the heart as the goal for the spiritual path.  Yet, the 5th dimensional heart is actually a resting point where we gather clarity for the next steps in our journey of Self-Ascension.  

It is the point of conscious connection between the form and the formless.

The key difference between the energy of 2020 and the prior years is that the inter-dimensional experiences are readily attainable.

This signals a leap from interactive consciousness, (subject-object ways of thinking and perceiving), into context-identified consciousness.  We now can readily work with the 7th and 9th dimensional frequencies while still having a presence in 3rd  dimensional form.  

This Cycle of Grace means we can lift hundreds of points higher on Hawkins Levels of Consciousness.  This is the time you took birth to experience!

Understanding the Dimensional states can be understood by the concept of the Witness.  Your ascension process is marked by stages of consciousness.  From simply being self-aware, (3rd dimensional consciousness), to being able to witness yourself engaging your reality as that self-aware being.  

When we are able to witness the witnesser, we are transcending localized consciousness.

Background design of angels and angel wings combined with a starry night.

The Peace, Love, Joy, and sense of acceptance that characterize 5th Dimensional living is a wonder-filled state where service and support to all flow naturally. This state is very attainable to those who practice the Yoga of Self-Ascension.  The 5th dimensional state then becomes the ‘fuel’ for further conscious upliftment.  As we bring love to self and love to all, we invite the Higher Self, called the soul, to come forward as the true identity of the one who is experiencing.

5th dimensional anchorship provides loving stability for going further! It is a point of intersection between the world of form and the subtle realms.

In the earlier stages of our journey we pass through the 4th dimensional layer that is associated with earthly form and emotion.  Please revisit our YouTube video on the collapse of the 4th dimension, as many people become side-tracked in that layer, or channel entities of that frequency, innocently  believing they have arrived at a higher state. 

It is important to Pay attention! 

Astral experiences are commonly characterized by a feeling of specialness, colorful emotions and a sense of spiritual power. All of which serve to spiritualize the density ego and side-track your authentic ascension.

What Are Ascension Symptoms?

They are energy experiences that are a call to consciousness.  Your body becomes a great ally and the experiences you have will help identify where you hold resistance. Many of the AAEE’s must be experienced as we ‘enlighten’ because the body is dense and needs training to release density habits.  Resistance is also an expression of FEAR.  (One of the primary new symptoms we will be sharing much more about in a moment.)

2020 brings forward the opportunity for Integration of Physical form with the Ascended Presence as a Sacred Union.  Sacred Union with the body is similar to the experience with any partner.  

Can you relax fear and the need to control?  

Are you creating a relationship or a partnership?  

Relationship is a subject-object form of interaction, while partnership requires greater surrender of the ego into a trust in the Union.

The decade of the Roaring 20’s offers NEW LEVELS of consciousness to assist the body to sustain Ascension Frequencies.  You can now go further than previously understood.  This means your opportunity for service and joy while still having a body has been enhanced.  This has changed EVERY-THING!  

As you relax and claim Sacred Union with the body, your Mastery will assist the form to heal!  This Sacred Union reverses bodily deterioration associated with aging and ill health.  Your form will lovingly sustain you as long as it serves the mission for being here.  (Read the Divine Directors PDF with this full sharing!)

The understanding of the difference between relationship and Union will help you move through the dimensional levels.  Bringing subject-object context into the higher dimensions means that you are trying to introduce fear into a dimension where fear has no role.  The gift of Sacred Union with the body is that we have the opportunity to anchor ascended consciousness right here, right now.  Then the journey further become far more effortless.

The Cycle of Ascended Consciousness™ is an ever-refining spiral that flows as:  

  1. 1. AWARENESS  (of the symptoms)
  2. 2. EXPERIENCE  (of the symptoms)
  3. 3. CHOICE  (integrating the wisdom gained)

We cycle through Awareness, Experience and Choice as long as an ever refining spiral that supports our Ascension through our willingness to move through the unknown. It is an evolutionary cycle that supports up-leveling momentum.

During this time the physical body will “revolt” in many ways! The energy of revolt is an automatic reaction to being called out of our comfort zone into a new way of being. Revolt is also a REVOLUTION, the energy of a new order of power as we now “revolve” around a new set of priorities!  The energy of REVOLT will either be experienced as a spiral upliftment or as resistance/fight or both!  Either way this revolt energy calls forward AWARENESS and from there it fuels your “Cycle of Ascended Consciousness”.

The revolt will persist until you acknowledge and fully heal that whatever you have gone through before that is needing resolution. Pay attention to the “experience” of your inner revolution as the new “Choice” arises and births through you.  Witness how fast your healing and softening can occur!

Sacred Union is most certainly “the Journey Home”.  It is the dissolution of superficial ego boundaries in favor of Oneness.  To be in Sacred Union is to LOVE, SURRENDER and RELEASE JUDGEMENT of self/others thus choosing UNION over fear. 

Sacred Union is experienced when we live from the heart.  The 500’s level of consciousness is characterized by context being more real than content.  This reality dissolves the priority of the scientific Newtonian way of thinking and connects us to the Power of flow.

This is a pivotal distinction for this time in order to accept the next phase.


As you relax into your Higher Self and invite your worldly experience to reflect that frequency, then all that you require will absolutely flow your way. You will anchor in quantum reality and non-linear manifestation.  Further, the body will serve the mission. (See the Divine Directors insoulment from Kira Raa) The body will thrive and support your soul’s mission!

2020 presents with 18 Symptoms with TWO frequencies or “culminating’ symptoms that will assist all who CHOOSE to experience a CORE RELEASE as 2022 culminates!

PRIMARY (CORE) Ascension symptoms are readily experienced as the Sacred Union of the Physical Form with Ascended Presence progresses.

A. Intense UPPER Chakra symptoms during 2020 through 2022.

B. FEAR as an Ascension Symptom, rather than a limiting belief! While the planetary thought body has been steadily “building fear” this is the first time it is now an actual “symptom of Ascension”.  You will notice how subtle levels of fear influence your experience of love and wisdom.

Fear brings you to the AWARNESS moment…it is a gift. As you anchor in the heart, fear now becomes more visible; it assists you to be AWARE of its vast infiltration into consciousness. This EXPERIENCE informs you and you can Up-level your CHOICES toward healing/union.

Fear, if not itself feared brings everyone to greater awareness and greater choice opportunity.  It can be tricky as our habitual response to fear is usually to shrink rather than use the fear to expand consciousness.

Fear can be very subtle and serves as a glue for separation beliefs.  Many people fear the fear and will seek relief from the sensation rather than growth through the sensation. From a density perspective gear is to be avoided and it stimulates separation from your divine truth!

Remember, when anchored in your heart, fear can stimulate AWARENESS that something is not “quite right’, thus serving a higher role in your awakening.

The 18 Ascension Energy “Symptoms” of 2020

1. Ascended Heart anchoring (strongly came forward with New Year 2020). From this point your 1st to 3rd chakra issues reveal the cycle  of Awareness of the Integration of the physical form with Ascended Presence. The lift of Awareness into the 4th Chakra as Ascended Presence brings rapid resolution and healing to those issues.

2. Are you Tired or Inspired?  Fatigue is a response to density interactions.  Tiredness then is a symptom of where you are engaged! You can experience fatigue as your body adapts to the higher frequencies, however, chronic tiredness is a signal of resistance, a need to control.  Inspiration energy also is a signal of where your Consciousness is oriented.

3. Crown Chakra, In-Lightening energy experienced in the physical cranium.  The Light infusion also brings forward throat-head issues including shoulder and neck pain.

4. Headaches that are affected by “light”.  These headaches can be related to the inner light and the outer light.

5. Craving more light.  Turning on all lights, needing light around you.

6. Hypersensitivity to light…needing sunglasses indoors, need to protect the crown (sensitivity to radiation including 5-G)

7. BOTH Craving light and simultaneously hypersensitivity to Light, experienced in waves or flows

8. Sense of Distortion of reality as ALL of your “Eyes” are adapting to new “vision” …Your eyes of Ascended Presence + Physical eyes

9. Overall physical fatigue from trying to adapt to multi-dimensional sight.  Especially prevalent when performing tasks in the outer world.  This is easily resolved by taking rest in a calm environment.

10. Ascension Anxiety.  Worried that you can’t handle it…anxiety about your progression

11. Hyper-Hearing:  New level of acuity…background of higher pitch sounds versus the hum of prior years vibratory escalation.

12. Dimensional spacy-ness, a self-less sense of EXPERIENCE somewhat disorienting as you are engaged in the awareness of flow without a controlling agenda…loss of “conscious” time management.  Letting intent guide you rather than planning to control things.

13. Feet – learning how to walk in a new way.  Finding a new balance

14. ENERGY pulsing/adaptation:  Tendons and joints having inflammation and ‘arthritis like’ symptoms due to the energy currents pulsing through the tissues. Your connective tissues help bring integration of the energy into form! 

15. Pain in all its forms, can signal up-level moments – a call to mindfulness and loving non-resistance in present time.

16. Heightened sensitivity to food, spices, smells, colors…virtually everything and most will surprise you!

17. NEW CHOICES based upon the way awareness and experience have shifted. This brings challenges your relationships, family, career and even yourself…borderlands of sanity!

18. Vibrational alignment sensitivity …a heightened AWARENESS from the CHOICE made from the 2019 AWARENESS.  2019 was a challenging year that opened the door of Divine opportunity for ALL Who are ready! 2020 will launch your momentum with a roar!

You CAN Navigate ALL of these symptoms and Flourish through this moment!  Your soul knows the way AND YOU ARE READY!

We love you!

Many Blessings,

Sri & Kira

19 responses to “2020 Ascension Symptoms: Expanding Consciousness & Understanding the Moment”

  1. Hi Sri and Kira,
    I have been referencing your 2020 Ascension Symptoms article many times and have found it to be exceptionally helpful with understanding the Ascension energies and potentially how they might affect us. This article is very thorough and detailed with the perfect amount of helpful information and has answered many questions that I have wondered about for several years in regards to the ascension process and why “ascension symptoms” occur. I very much appreciate your recommendations for effectively working with these energies in a most beneficial way, such as anchoring in our ascended heart chakra which can help to heal and resolve lower chakra issues, and the supplemental materials you have provided such as the Divine Directors messages. Thank you for writing this article! I hope you keep it on your website for everyone to reference during the next couple years. Many blessings to you! Namaste 🙂

      • Yes, Sri and Kira described this is earlier years. The body’s response to the frequency acceleration differs by person and their level of consciousness. The ‘symptoms’ are a reminder to relax and embrace the upliftment!

    • My left side spontaneously began to tingle and there was also a numbing sensation with vision changes. My first instinct was to be frightened due to the “stroke-like” symptoms. I the. Realized that I did t feel I’ll or in danger.l and just allowed the experience to complete. Anyone else have a similar experience.

      • Namaste!
        Congratulations on “noticing” and trusting! Each ascension symptom offers us clarity and affirms our Mastery!

  2. I am aware of what is currently happening & what is needed of me as we shift densities & planed of consciousness 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Thanks for your insightful messagr

  3. Thank you for your insight! …..(edited for privacy)…. So my question if possible to answer, if in fact you made it this far reading my long winded share is how do I keep the peace and understand with my mom who is in fact my witness and helping me increase my own Power and purpose?

    • Dear Jeremy, Thank you for your courage and trust. Right now it is important that each person FURTHER cultivate the skills needed to manage the emotional filters of the ego and align with one’s highest truth. We strongly recommend that you engage the Navigating The Inner Matrix 9-week course. It is presently 1/2 price and you will receive guidance from a personal coach! With love, Sri & Kira

    • Dear Sherman, and all others experiencing ‘symptoms’, Yes, the energies are expanding! Yes, you may feel pulled in two directions. In May 2020 especially the energies of both EXPANSION and CONTRACTION are happening simultaneously. This is a new sensation! It is also a sign that you are evolving.

      Please relax into ever-deeper trust of your Divine Nature. If you can reaffirm and consciously claim EXPANSION, the journey gets easier. That is, fear will align with Contraction and that is friction! Look at fear with a smile and reaffirm: “I trust my Divine Nature”!

      Much love,
      Sri & Kira

  4. Thank you for these insights into the energ and symptoms we are experiencing. I found this article because I was searching for infirmation on the sustained headaches I am experiencing. I am not worried from a health point of view, I trust entirely in my intuitive guidance system on that, but it is always reassuring to find further confirmation. Another symptom that I experienced 2-3 months ago was a visual distortion that lasted for possibly around 15 minutes in which a rainbow coloured halo gradually appeared towards the left side of my field of vision. As it began I sat down and just allowed it to complete. It appeared as if it was installing, like a download on a computer would. It was beautiful and rather spectacular and I felt no need to over analyse it, my body felt completely well and safe and I knew it came from a higher source. I am just intrigued as to whether anyone else has experienced this type of symptom and what your thoughts are on it. Such an incredibly interesting time to observe. Many blessings to all 🌈

  5. I have been having a high pitch ring in my ears while meditating, also a new symptom while meditating my teeth ache during meditation and stop when I am done. I think it is a release of negative energy, or purging of old beliefs. I am not sure but I am just going with the flow for now. All will be revealed in the right time.

  6. Hello! I have been having off and on ringing in the ears and stomach pain and nausea for a few weeks. Didn’t see any mention of stomach issues. So I’m curious if this is also part of the ascension flu? Thanks. Elaine

    • Namaste,
      Yes. As your vibration lifts your priorities also change. That is, what was ‘acceptable’ at a lower frequency can ‘no longer be digested’. Many Blessings!

  7. Greetings
    So appreciate your loving guidance.
    I have been vibrating during my sleep time for a couple of years now off and on, but lately it is showing up more often. I also wake up sometimes feeling like something is trying to be pushed out of the torso part of my body.
    For about 2 months I experienced head Itching, most commonly when I woke and after meditations, but not strictly at those times, and then the rashes moving from place to place with usually a couple weeks in between each onset showed up.
    I’m allowing and flowing. Could you please help me understand if these particular symtoms/awarenesses may have specific issue points? This has been going on several months now.
    Gratitude for any insights you could share.
    Ease and grace…….

    • Namaste,

      Moving through “ascension symptoms” requires that we become ever more present to the messages from our bodies. Drinking lots of water, taking time out for harmonious physical movement and meditation; these steps ease the integration. You are releasing that which no longer serves you (rashes) The process of lifting our vibration asks us to become ever more conscious and self-accepting. Trust the flow and keep your eyes on the Divine energy expressing through yourself and All. You are on your way! 🙂

      Many Blessings!
      Sri & Kira

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