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2019 - The Year of Divine Awareness: The Witness is Witnessing the Witnesser! - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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2019 – The Year of Divine Awareness: The Witness is Witnessing the Witnesser!

Maria 11

The Divine Blue Mother Maria speaks:

We welcome thee. The experience of unification and the moment of divine direction come together like two poles of a magnet as 2019 bursts forward with a heightened sense of momentum affecting literally everything.

The vast recognition that time is simply “no more” while simultaneously adapting to “that which is” has become the greatest challenge for the witness that is witnessing the witnesser.

Your experience in form has now reached the age where the mastery of multiple dimensional living and adapting to the “new earth” in exactly the way that serves your souls individ-youwill for its greater evolution is carrying you forward.

This energy is filled with creation, and manifestation, and therefore everything is receiving a boost, and everything is amplifying.

As a neutral energy field meets the planetary thought body that is filled with fear, trying to resist this shift will create extreme polarity. Similar to a Chinese finger trap, the harder you resist or try to pull away the more intense things will feel.

The key is to go deeply into your breath and exhale all fear and anger.

This conscious connection with your breath as a release mechanism will assist you to call forward effortlessly that which is here to assist you. As you relax and ascend into the massive support network that is actively shepherding you through this moment, there is an ever-greater presence that is available for you to access. And! It is only visible through a relaxed lens that has lifted up into the multi-dimensional experience of the one who is now the witness, witnessing the witnesser.

2018 has offered to all, and is still offering, and will continue to offer, the rapid and stabilizing energies of Shanti, Bhakti and Ananda. Navigating the energy of many dimensions at once has gifted all with the awareness of the expansion at hand. Releasing fear, calling forward forgiveness and gently loving the ego into its mastery position as a servant of the soul ignites the next step of the journey. And, with 2019, the next step is here.

This is an evolutionary rung on the ladder of spiritual expansion, and like it or not, everyone is being asked to climb this ladder. This does not mean all will accept, as this is an invitation…however, for those who see the ladder and say yes to climbing it, the journey has already begun and is rapidly revealing ever more.

When the mind of form constricts itself and limits the experience of expansion, the ability to see clearly narrows to a very thinly veiled area that is self-perpetuating and self-imposed. Settling into this limited field of vision can easily become very comfortable and begin to feel safe…despite its extremely limited area of experience. This is the active principle of the illusion seeking to call you back into the planetary thought body through fear, limiting beliefs, anger and judgments. Each of these energies offers a service to the expansion of the soul, and it is only when these can be fully experienced through the detached loving presence of the Witness, witnessing the witnesser, that we call forth love and appreciation for the experience and the journey.

When one has accepted, and often subconsciously, the limited field of the narrow scope that aligns with the belief systems of illusion, then the illusion begins to have a greater sense of control, and the soul mind-fully and patiently relaxes into a resting state.

The soul will always wait for your command to call it forward.

2019 supports this command as it is yours to ignite at any moment through your awareness of the creation energy before you now. Once the soul has been lulled into a resting state through the full presence of the ego-mind, this can be so comfortable that the soul retreats to sleep and provides for the ego to have yet another round at all of its experiences. Density is the reason you took birth here, to once more experience the Allness of this illusionary creation as you re-awaken into the Oneness of your divine presence.

As 2019 begins, the presenting energy of the essential push/pull that offers the friction that births the diamond will manifest in many ways. The diamond never fears that it “will be” or that it is “doing it wrong”. It simply relaxes its way through the evolutionary experience with complete knowing that the end result is assured and is magnificent. That it will make it through and that the protection energy through the process is assured.

You are the diamond, and you are the master, or you would not be connecting with this sharing. In this moment simply breathe and feel the truth of that.

We continue…

Together with the collective energies of the post millennium opening over the past 18 years, the planet will race toward the first significant realignment of energy that will be fully anchored in 2020. This is why the 2019 experience will be known as The Year Of Divine Awareness!

The New Year moment from 2018 bridging into 2019 will call forward the Anchored energies of Shanti, Bhakti and Ananda to rise once more and awaken with greater clarity all who are AWARE.

This anchored trinity of energy has the full momentum of all energy that has released into support since the millennium, in combination with the birthing friction of 2019 will assist humanity to enter into a mastery phase that will continue growing for the many hundreds of years.

What does all this mean?

Simply that the balance of energies incarnated into form upon this planet now has reached a moment that is essentially the breath between the breath. It is a full year that will be fully be outside of the energy of the challenges as it calls forward into form the mastery experience of your ascended presence.

To bloom like the lotus and to fly like the eagle after remembering it is also the condor.

There are many who will focus upon specific dates and times and places and things.

This is a gift for those who are anchored in the fascination and commitment to keeping the density experience rich and aligned with the dance of the ego.

There are many who will focus upon the density experience in full denial of the spiritual experience. There are many who will focus solely upon the experience of their spiritual nature whether positively or negatively.

All EXTREMES will find a voice and the voice of BALANCE will have its moment to rise with the voices of imbalance and together a moment of restoral is at hand. Often when the pendulum swings too far in one direction, it will swing wildly in the other until it eventually starts finding its way to the center.

As it finds its way to the center the momentum begins to slow down, the swings are not so far apart and there is a calming recognition that the moment is at hand.

2019 is a moment at hand!

It is an opportunity to claim your true nature far outside of the limitations of the world of illusion through form. It is the full moment to dance with your eternal nature as you lift up from the third dimension through simply relaxing into your breath.

This will take personal spiritual tenacity, for those who are aligned with the extreme pulse will be eager to share why you are crazy, insane, or some other energy, to be awake! LOVE THEM and Forgive them as they know not what they do! See them through the eyes of compassion as you call forward the majesty of gifts that are yours to claim through what will be a most beautiful experience if you allow it to be.

You are able to quickly call forward the energy of loving compassion as you practice lifting from the preoccupations of the third dimension into the fifth dimensional experience that is the witnesser of your Third dimensional witness-self. It is often easier to understand this, especially if you have not consciously connected with it by seeing this as a diagram of your angelic presence.

The linear experience limits your capacity to see beyond the veil, and you do have the capacity within your soul-ignited presence to effortlessly lift once more as you expand your ascended presence into divine awareness. All of 2019 will support this!

Quietly sitting and relaxing your breath, begin by bringing your attention to the back of the head where the skull meets the top of the neck. Simply become aware of your higher self as you effortlessly lift up and gaze at your third dimensional body of form with love and care. This is the Witnesser that is aware of the witness-self.

Learning how to effectively activate this mastery technique will connect you with the frequencies of the higher realms and assist you to stay unaffected by any outside interference or influence that seeks to keep you away from your true nature.

Once you feel comfortable with this process, and may even discover that you are in that frequency more than the third dimensional awareness, then you are ready to lift again! Simply begin at the fifth dimensional experience of the witnesser and lift up again into the seventh dimension as you notice yourself Witnessing the Witnesser of the witness-self!

This is where the energies of pure telepathic communication birth and this aspect of your true nature will receive a much greater amplitude throughout the 2019 experience. When the seventh dimensional frequencies in complete harmony with your soul’s expansion come together, your ability to see more, hear more and create more arises and seemingly is limitless to the mind of density!

There is that beautiful recognition that you are living in a body of form and yet you are fully AWARE that you are not that body of form. This awareness frees you to the greater perspective and you discover that you are happier in form, connecting with those who can support your happiness and filled with inspiration that guides your co-creative nature for abundance. This is the living state of the Yoga of SelfAscension and it is fully expanded in 2019.

Breathing again, and sensing the truth of your divine nature and mastery as one energy, you lift from the seventh dimension up into the ninth and arrive, once again, into the energy of the witness.
This is the witness that is carrying the energy of ascended presence and the gateway to the thirty-third crystalline dimensions.

In 2018 the gateways opened and the ability to anchor with stability into this multidimensional overlay was lovingly and carefully blanketed upon the planet. Now the rainbow bridge of ALL is open to traverse into the next phase…that which will illuminate the Divine Awareness of the master and call it forward as a return into Oneness.

And so it is. And so it shall be. And so it has all-ways been.

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  1. Sri, Kira, thank you for all the work, love and wisdom sharing with us. Your message concerning 2019 has to settle in my body and soul but I am looking forward to next year. Better leave this 2018 behind ?.

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