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2014 Revelations - The Six Opportunities - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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2014 Revelations – The Six Opportunities


2014: The Six Opportunities
Through Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Angelic Oracle Kira Raa

Sri Ram Kaa asks Archangel Zadkiel:

Thank you for being here.  Please share with us what you would like humanity to know for the year of 2014 on the planet Earth.

Archangel Zadkiel Speaks:

Indeed we are most gratitude-full. Indeed it is a great time to be here.  It is important to recognize that you are indeed full, and that fullness has many different components.  To be full is to be filled, to understand, and to be indeed in the joyous moment of the recognition of the truth of your being-ness.  This is what it is to be most full, to be complete.

We ask you to pay attention.  When one is full, when one has completed, one is indeed with great light.  One brings forward much light into the top chakras.  Within the crown chakra is great light, great fullness, great completeness.  In this fullness, in this completeness, you are able to lift magnificently into your being-ness in many dimensional realms. You are able to walk in a land of multi dimensional expansive being-ness as You are an expansive being. 

It is very simple to predict days and times, and it does not serve the greater reunification of Light.  With a day and time, hearts do not need to activate.  All one need to do is dig a cave and get in it.  We are not here to help any dig a cave.  You must know that.  We are here to assist all to open their hearts and lift into the truth of being; from there, the greater service is present.  If any wish to dig a cave, there are many who will teach them how. 

What we will teach you is how to lift into your heart; to assist divine beings to be present for all without ever having to say a word simply by being within your truth.  This is the honoring of light and in 2014 it is time to commit to the choices already made.

Through the presence of truth all can know and trust that that they are exactly where they need to be in any moment and time.  Release and let go of all fear!  Fear dearest children, is what causes separation.

Now is the time to allow the illusion of a body to dissolve along with the ego. Many have allowed the dissolving of the ego to attain a level of accomplishment.  Through this gift they have interjected many new light points into all the divine ascended chakras throughout the universe.  It is most wondrous that so many have allowed this piece of non you called the ego, to dissolve.

Focus, Clarity and True Vision
Your planet is spinning faster with each passing moment.  With each moment!  This is not an event that is coming; it is happening and you are in the process now.

It is the time to stop waiting and to start participating!

Ask yourself regularly:
Where are my eyes focused?
Where is my attention?
Am I focused on the Divine, or am I focused on the density?
From your focus everything becomes clear.

In density you are indeed often squinting to find clarity, often grasping at what feels comfortable, often not quite sure, yet moving anyway because of a compelling energy to get where you are going and make good time while doing it!  (audience laughter)

So it is important to pay attention and to look at your vision.  What do you wish to see?  Where do you wish to be?  Now that you are aware, what is around you?

So many say, what is my purpose?  Why am I here?  We hear this often, oh yes we do! 

Your Purpose and Path
Dearest children, there is only one reason you are here and this coming earth year will reveal this with ever greater clarity.  It has many different forms, yet there is only one unifying response:

You are light and you are expanding.  You are an effervescent spark of divineness.  You are joyous light dancing, celebrating, experiencing and being.

How you choose to express that light is where each of you has your own path.  All of you are on a path.  The question is, what path are you on?   

You may say I don’t know.  What is my path?  Where is the path?  Oh my goodness I am lost on the path, took a wrong turn on the path!  Know that all paths lead home.  All paths dearest children!  How you go there is completely up to you.  Completely! 

Sometimes you must take many paths and sometimes you may have many forks in the road, do you not?  Yet the forks are part of the path. Each fork will lead to another fork and eventually they will all bring you back to where you are seeking to go.  You must first release judgment that you are on wrong path or you have not done enough, been enough, or are good enough. 

The judgment of any path interferes with your own path and in the coming year there will be an abundance of choicepoints.

We have spoken often that when you can walk your path clearly while not interfering with the path of another, it is a wondrous and beautiful way to be. 

Yet have you ever asked if you have interfered with the path
of yourself through judgment?

It is important to pay attention to this.  What are you judging and why?  As your 2014 unfolds there are six clear energies that will present and offer you opportunities to fully claim the truth of your being-ness. Let us offer them now.

1.  Learning to celebrate your judgment!

When judgment comes forward it is an opportunity for you to become ever clearer.  It is a way to recognize that in that moment, you are indeed, densi-full.  Oh another good word!  (audience laughter)  You are densi-full!  And there will be many moments that will present themselves and invite you to celebrate your judgment!  

So now that you are densi-full you can have fun with that.  Dance in the energy so that you can fully enjoy your density.  As you dance and give yourself the opportunity to see clearly, you break free with every moment.  With every moment! 

2.  Navigating the Rapid Escalation

Dearest ones, we wish for you to recognize that there is a rapid escalation beyond this time that is unfolding right now. 

Where do you choose to place your consciousness?  Do you choose to be full, or do you choose to be empty?  Do you choose to be in joyous recognition that you are shifting multi-dimensionally all the time, or do you choose to simply say; “This is too much for me to look at, can not deal with this now.” 


Simply be present with the energy as it comes forward to you and stay present as you accept that energy.  Do you question yourself?  If you do, than love the questioner and recognize that you are not questioning anything.  It is time for you, more than ever, to simply pay attention. 

3.  Remember that You are Not your Body

Your bodies are calling to you now more than ever.  They are seeking to hold you.  They are seeking to help you stay in the density.  Your bodies are very densi-full.  Oh yes!  Your bodies right now in this moment, in this time of your collective history of expansion are letting you believe more and more that they, (the body), are you.

Here is a simple exercise you can practice.  You wake up and your soulself says, “Today I shall meditate or today I shall do a practice that is good for the truth of me.”

Now, your body comes forward and says, “What, are you kidding me? I don’t have time for that.”  Or your body comes forward and says, “Let somebody else do that, you don’t have to do it.”  It is most important to know that this is not you who is talking, this is the body coming forward and saying look how powerful I, (the body), am.

Remember dearest ones, just like your brain, the body is not you, (your soul-self).  Your body and your brain are beautiful servants for you to have available. They exist for you to experience, for you to grow. 

It is time for you to claim the truth of your power without any doubt!

It is time to stand and declare the truth of your being-ness. Know that as you do, your body will indeed begin the dissolution into light. From this space your multi-dimensional shifting, existing, and manner of being become effortless as you claim your being-ness. 

4.  The Joyous Release of Dogma

Laugh often! Dance and be joyous in the recognition that you and your planet, are indeed shifting once more.  It is so easy to align with the old dogmas, is it not?   Your world has been dogmatized!  Oh yes, it is very much like traumatized only with dogma.  So you have been dogmatized.  It is now the time to completely TRUST YOUR HEART. 

If in your heart you do not feel an action or belief is right, yet even one hundred thousand or more believe it to be so, who is to say that your heart is not correct?  You are!  You must trust your heart that much! 

You must trust your heart to the point that you can peacefully recognize your truth regardless of any outside influence!

If you know in your heart the truth of your being and have made your declaration, than you have made your choice. Have you said, “Yes, I know the being that I am and I recognize the divine of God in everything, in all.” 

For when you have made that choice with that much power, you have infinite recognition of all paths and all choices.  In that your heart can stand stable even when many around you say no this is correct because we all believe this is correct.  Take time to truly understand this as this coming year will offer you many opportunities to practice. 

It is important to recognize, dear ones, that you can not trust your own heart if
you do not recognize your own divinity in a greater way than you have
ever recognized it before.

It is time for you to own the being that you are, not to just talk about it, not to sit around saying, “Hey, is this a cool concept or what?”  It is important for you to absolutely go within the depth of your being-ness. To love your body so much that it has no fear.  To honor yourself so much that you know you are taken care of, and that you are protected.

5. Coming Events: Terror or Joy?

Dearest ones, always know that we come to offer you great joy and great understanding. For many you are at the time of rapid shift and rapid…how we say…we take moment to say this, there will be much on your planet very soon that will cause many the experience of terror.  Because of this, you must know that this world, this country, is not immune to this energy.  Yet you have the choice to only participate in joy.  It is your choice. 
How do you wish to participate?

There will be those who see joy and those who see terror in the same event.  It is up to you.  You must recognize that as you move forward into the ascended heart, and as your heart anchors as the root chakra of your ascended energy, you have a wondrous opportunity. This opportunity is to not only to hold light for yourself, it expands so that the presence of who you are offers peace, offers love, offers joy…simply your presence. 

Avoid the need to say to people, you must do.  What we offer you is the opportunity to simply come forward in your own light, simply come forward in your own being-ness, for each of you to simply know what is right for you. 
Stay in your presence of your heart and as you do you will navigate everything. 
There is nothing to fear.

Anytime that we offer you what you would perceive to be a future event, you must recognize that there is only now. There is no past and there is no future.  If we futurize, we take away from right now, do we not? 

It is important to stay in presence and as we stay in this presence we are simply inviting you to come forward into your full presence as a being of crystalline light.

How would you like this to look for you? 
You are a powerful co-creator…so co-create! 
What do you wish to bring forward as a powerful co-creator? 

To do so, you must first recognize that you are a powerful co-creator. 

Now for some, their minds come forward and say, “I can not handle this, not true for me, can’t do this.”  Good! 

Within the mind of many skeptics is the gift of opening up the door of
loving themselves even more.

So simply be yourself. Be true to you, honor in your own being-ness that is expressing in this experience of the now.

6.  The Gift of Simply Be-ing

For each of you that claims your Divine Oneness and understanding, and for each who embodies the truth of their being-ness, you hold open a portal for one hundred thousand others.  Is it not the time to do that more than ever?  Yes it is!  So we invite you to focus on that gift.

You have initiated the cycle of great and wondrous crystalline light.
 Know that all paths lead to enlightenment.  It is not reserved for a few. 
It is a doorway that is open for all of you.  You simply need to recognize you are already that.  Stop searching.  Start being. As you do, all unfolds effortlessly.

Now is the moment to enter into your own heart now for your answers.  When you ask your questions, train yourself to trust what you know is true.  Bring your hands to your heart and as you breathe deeply activate the heart as the root center of your ascended chakras and ask yourself any question.  In that one moment is the true answer.  Train yourself to do this and learn to trust that true answer. Often times it comes forward so fast you deny it and then the brain kicks in.  By the time the brain kicks in, it is usually not the same answer.

The greatest gift that you can give yourself once you have made a choice, is to keep your eyes focused on the Divine. Then, recognize your body is terrified.  At the cellular level you know the shift is happening.  This is undeniable as it is inside of you.

So how do you prepare for 2014?  By recognizing the truth of your being and trusting your own heart.  Each of you knows the truth of your heart; you know your answers.  Trust your heart, trust yourself, trust your answers.  If you are challenged with trusting yourself, then love yourself for knowing this is where you begin. 

Release all need to judge yourself and others and the path will be clear and spaciously abundant throughout this coming year.

You are more beautiful than you know.
 It is time for all of you to allow the great being that you are to come forward with greater knowingness, as we have come forward now to offer you our love.

With abundant joy and Many Blessings.

7 responses to “2014 Revelations – The Six Opportunities”

  1. Thank you , thank you for the beautiful, divinely blessed words Archangel Zadkiel !

    I love you , and thank you Sri and Kira for bringing these inspirations to us all through Zadkiel 🙂 they give me hope that I can indeed find my way home .

    Namaste 😉

    Mary Anne

  2. I love and appreciate all you do and the divine wisdom you impart. You are always there when I need you most.

    Love and Light to You Always!!


  3. Sri and Kira,
    This is perfect. Though said multiple times in the past, it resonates perfectly with me right now. Thank you Zadkiel, and of course Sri and Kira, for sharing this with us again. It continues to sink even deeper each time I read it.

    Love and Blessings!

    Ma’at Rah Tat

  4. Zadkiel, Sri and Kira,

    My heart expanded with joy at the recognition of the truth you remind us of in this message. With gratitude, joy, and love I appreciate the wisdom shared.

    Love and light

  5. Hello dear ones, Now that I know about judgement I catch myself and ask am I expecting the person or situation to be how I think or feel it should be. Then I stop, let it be, I don’t have the right to force my expectations on others. I’ve done much tweaking or adjusting things or situations to my idea of improvement. Much of the time I am “stepping on others toes.” But most times with inspiration the tweaking is improvement thus I continue and suffer the consequences of someone taking offense.
    Peace be with you.

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