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February 2013: Setting the Points! - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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February 2013: Setting the Points!

Anchoring the point of:

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The 4-pointed Diamond of Crystalline Ascension
for Anchoring Cosmic Connection

With 2012 well behind us, many have noticed a shift in their emotional body and are feeling unstable with the energy now present on the planet. This stimulates self-doubt and a need for reassurance. First and foremost, remember that this is a sign you are seeking stability at an expanded vibratory level.

Many people are now lifting without full understanding of what this will bring. As we set our intention to be available to higher dimensional opportunities, without fully understanding the effect of that choice, we experience greater chaos. Our personality-selves are primarily organized around this lifetime – this experience of density. Thus the ascended energies feel destabilizing.

The body is allowing new frequencies to flow up the spine. And an adaption period is required. Symptoms of these higher frequencies include all the AAE’s we have published along with some new experiences. Some of the new AAE’s include burning sensations or swelling in the feet and legs, hot hands, intense sweating, tight shoulders and of course new forms of sleep interruption. A sense of fatigue and difficulty interacting with density institutions can trigger additional discomfort. It becomes challenging to interact with the world in ways one used to do.

More than ever it is imperative that the journey of Self-Ascension be continued. There are plateaus of joy and peace awaiting you! Most discomforts are due to resistance and habit. The physical body is of the 3rd dimension and we are asking our bodies to now integrate 5th dimensional energy and beyond. Remember your physical body and your emotional body are tied together. They need encouragement in order to soften their resistance to the new frequencies. Use your Self-Ascension tools often to mediate these habitual perspectives.

By further refining your nourishment, cleansing old frequencies from the body, and engaging in activities that bring you Joy, Self-Ascension becomes effortless. It is essential that you take action to shift your limiting patterns.

Fear is birthed from un-cleared pain imprints and 3rd dimensional points of view. Fear is actually a habit. As you anchor in ascended perspectives and expand your point of view you will find that fear is not so influential! Smile and recognize it as part of the illusion.

All of humanity is on a fast track process now. As you continue with your commitment to lift, keeping your eyes on the Divine, there will be a falling-away of that which no longer serves your process. Remember, each vibratory level supports its own reality. Small compromises at one level become more glaring at the next level. Release them!

Surround yourself with Joy. Associate only with people who offer the energy of acceptance. Judgmental people and passive-aggressive behavior are poisonous and contagious. Read and Re-read the Lost Books of the Essene, lesson 5, the Lion steps out of the woods.

The full power of 2013 is upon us now and the universe has clearly invited those who are willing to assist with the anchoring of the 4 Pointed Diamond of Crystalline Connection.

This energy has begun the cosmic initiations that will be so lovingly called upon later in 2013 and we are in the full force, four month period to bring this forward!

Each of the coming 4 months anchors a point on the diamond and February will harness the energy of LOVE through the full embodiment of I AM HERE.

Bring your hand to your heart and breathe deeply. Send the energy of love and trust to all aspects of your Being. Feel the essence of I AM HERE. With each in-breath allow your consciousness to recognize the depth of I AM HERE – the I AM presence is the essential transcendent truth that is embracing your earth experience.

I AM is well beyond a declaration; it is a sacred intention…something you claim. It is as alignment of your identity with your Truth. Remember, your ego and your personality are identified with your story.

Your Truth is beyond any particular story…it is beyond the experiences you have collected along the way here at Earth school. It simply is…I AM.

I AM HERE is a recognition of the ultimate truth. It aligns your consciousness with the power of your true essence and helps orient your lower aspects with the greater context. I AM HERE plants the flag of sovereignty into this moment! It becomes a self-evident declaration by the divine essence in form and sets a point from which you express your co-creative dominion.

I AM HERE anchors the love of your journey and marries it with love of the self. When these two twin flames join in sacred union within, then the love of the universe will flow through you and fully ignite your first point of the diamond portal of ascension.

Today declare your rightful energetic fullness!


Let the universe know with full presence and sincerity the truth of this.

With Many Blessings of LOVE!

WE are here!

Sri and Kira

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  1. I had this email sitting in my inbox for two days until now, and once I opened it I noticed the time was 4:44. Lo and behold I found the answers I was looking for! The need for reassurance! The shoulder pain! The strange dreams and sleep interruptions! The fatigue! I knew I was experiencing an energy shift, and I am happy I read this article. Much love!

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