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2013: Humanity’s Mayan Sunrise! What you need to know... - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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2013: Humanity’s Mayan Sunrise! What you need to know…


2013 Mayan Sunrise

We made it!  Humanity has traversed 2012 and arrived at 2013.  This is a glorious cosmic year and the sunrise moment for humanity.  We have collectively transited through many years of accelerating energy and now stand witness to the many types of shift upon us. 

From economic challenge to political unrest; from personal crises to earth changes; each of us has been traversing a storm.  For many the storm has been moving at a slow pace over many years and so the significance of the changes have not been fully appreciated.  For others, the winds of change have been severe and have allowed the transformation to be accepted as a new normal. 

Regardless of your personal perception of the pace and flow of the shifts, we can all agree that the world is changing before our eyes.

It is time to move beyond the perception that global change is ‘out there’.  Globally, many are still holding to the illusion that the ‘problems’ are with other countries, with other societies.  Yet, their problems are indeed our problems. 

The conflict between Islamic fundamentalism and modern expansionism affects many countries.  The conflict between global economic expansion and the rights of a culture to harvest its own natural resources continues. 

Who owns the world’s natural resources? 
Who controls water, power and food distribution?

These tensions and many others are affecting the lives of billions.  These are but a few of the collective challenges that confront humanity in this moment.  It is time to call forth our greatest wisdom and to recognize that solutions to these challenges will not arise without birthing pains.

2013 and 2014 will be the years where the powers that be seek to impose their will over the powers that are emerging.  This is not a battle of wills.  This is not a tension between right and wrong.  It is in fact a time of transition where the level of consciousness that has generated the worlds’ problems struggles to allow a new level of consciousness to deploy solutions. 

Remember, effective solutions to challenges are generated from upliftment, from higher levels of consciousness. This is one of the greatest gifts of living with Self-Ascension…the ability to live with clear discernment and heart-centered wisdom.

As you contemplate and begin living in the Mayan sunrise of 2013, it is important to bring the perspective back to you. What happens in the outer world is a mirror of the inner battle as well.  Yet, the outer world is a reflection of many forces of influence.  You have more direct influence upon your inner world. Living a Self-Ascended life matters for your individual energy will help transmute denser streams of flow.

As you anchor your own Ascended Sanity, and hold fast to your vision for 2013 you set in motion a wave of energy that will attract willing conspirators.  You will become a beacon! Your steadfast commitment will attract others to you. 

The true communities of light are coming together and will do so through presence and recognition!  It is not about advertising, or the “special place” or “chosen people” – it is your sincerity, love and presence that will attract authentic alignments with greater force than ever before.

The moment is now and the greater question is: How do you create your own Mayan Sunrise? 

It is important that you allow your inner wisdom to offer you a vision for your future:  allow your soul to show you a picture of your new life.  When we vision from the space of openness, the simple “show me” we access the void, the energy of true creation. Click here for the December 22, 2012 Insoulment When we vision from a place of “fulfill my dreams/demands” we are accessing the energy of ego and density to offer content for our future.

When we trust our memories, (the past),  more than we trust our vision, (trust of the present and future), then the past gets folded into the future manifestation.  When our emotional body believes there is no way out, or ‘I have bad luck’; when our emotions wrap around that perspective, then we have set an energy in motion that will tilt our future toward familiar and repetitive disappointments.

How do we create our own Mayan Sunrise? 

Transformation happens when we trust our inner Source more than the outer circumstances, when we live the life of Self-Ascension.
When we rely on the outer circumstances and trust them as real, the outer world expresses as the manifestation of yesterday’s intentions. 

Your most beautiful Tomorrow does not manifest until you pass through the void of uncertainty.  This void is the creative zone, the space between what is and what could be.  To transit the void can be easy and fast or slow and difficult – it depends upon how fear plays out in ones identity.

2013 is a unique opportunity!  It is ready to offer the sunrise moment for humanity or a continuation of past struggles.  At the moment of a sunrise we have the opportunity to see the beauty and let the recognition of beauty and gratitude inspire us.  Or we can chose to sleep through the sunrise.  We may feel it is too much effort to “wake-up” and notice the beauty. For many it will be simpler to let our preoccupations bring our attention to coping with familiar problems and wondering why they do not every go away or seem to get worse.

The Es-See-Nah remind us that the very moment we awaken each day is our opportunity to live from a Self-Ascended place or to offer density preoccupations priority.  If you awaken with mind chatter and the feeling of stress…then stop and breathe and follow the emotion to its source.  When at the source of the disturbing thoughts you can breathe love into that worldview and resolve the limiting perspective. 

This practice, done daily upon arising, will initiate healing the power the past has had over your future.

Peace and Joy are the natural states of the soul.  From the energy of Joy we can buoyantly make decisions about our interactions in density; we can find novel solutions to problems and we can maintain our freedom.  Joy and Peace provide spaciousness that create a solid foundation of healthy choices.

The Mayans teach that we are entering the time of the people of honey. The past eras, the people of corn, were more preoccupied with material wealth and physical mastery. A person of honey lives from a place of essence, from sweetness.  

With the sunrise we arrive at the opportunity bring forward an essence that will shape the physical world with greater love, healing and gentleness.  As we treat ourselves with sweetness, as we bring our Self-Ascended sanity and love to our families and communities, we enter the age of the people of honey!

We look forward to sharing even more with you at this powerful moment on New year’s Day, 2013!

Here’s to your Mayan Sunrise, your Self-Ascended beauty!
With great love and recognition of YOU
Sri and Kira


4 responses to “2013: Humanity’s Mayan Sunrise! What you need to know…”

  1. It is so wonderful to read this on “New Year’s” eve and feel a glow in my heart.
    May we each embrace ourselves and each other with the “sweetness” in our hearts. I am deeply grateful.

  2. Dear beloved Srii and Kira!
    I wish you a Happy New Fantastic Year 2013!!
    Thank you from my heart for all that you bring to the world!!
    Its a blessing!!
    Hope to see you some day!

    Love and Light!


    I LOVE YOU!!!

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