Day: April 17, 2011

  • Authentic Evolution:Spiritual Nourishment vs. Ego Nourishment

    Authentic Evolution: Spiritual Nourishment vs Ego Nourishment by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa True nutrition is that which expands balance and harmony, and thus expands true love. True love is all-ways non-judgmental, it simply radiates the energy of Light. For the body, true nutrition offers energy and is restorative without also delivering a toxic […]

  • Soul Nourishment: Cleansing the Vessel

      Cleansing the body! The need for cleansing our physical vessel develops as we offer ourselves education about this ancient and proven gift of clarity. Simply reading The Lost Books of the Essene, or even discovering the Essene Gospel of Peace, we notice that hidden within so many ancient texts is the reminder to cleanse. If we first develop […]

  • Miracle Team Message – April 18, 2011

    [podcast][/podcast] This Message is from the Lady Anaria, Ascended Master at Lake Atitlan: Do not weep beloved ones and do not lose thyself in sorrow. For behold that the kingdom of divine wisdom is now upon your world for all to access. Before you now are great and momentous events that will challenge your years […]