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2012: Three Great Challenges Ahead - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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2012: Three Great Challenges Ahead

June 2012! During this information-packed message, Sri and Kira offer valuable insights on the expansion energy of June and how it is the springboard for the next THREE years.  They also reveal three specific dates of 2012 and the challenging energies that surround them 

What are the 3 challenges ahead for humanity and how can we learn to move through them?

What do you need to know to avoid great chaos?

Watch the video below as Sri and Kira share IMPORTANT information for your Self-Ascension now!

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2 responses to “2012: Three Great Challenges Ahead”

  1. Thank you! Good to know about the upcoming challenges, and now is an excellent time to command the light. I will begin right away!
    love and light, Colleen*

  2. Ihave just become triple blessed to be introduced to you on this powerful day and time june 5th 2012.
    Many blessings and triple rainbows.Bobbi

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