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12-21-12: Our Date With Destiny - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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12-21-12: Our Date With Destiny


Beloved TOSA Community!

12/21/12 is here this week and the energies are full and filled with momentum.  As we hold the gifts of our Self-Ascension community dear in our hearts, this week will bring forward the extraordinary unification in form of the eagle and the condor.  We will be honored to ceremonially consecrate this moment with the indigenous maya and with you in our heart!

Many people are celebrating December 21, 2012 with great hope in their hearts.  It is good to celebrate!  It is good to use the energy of hope as a springboard to joy and trust. Joy and trust are energies of the soul, while hope is a construct of the density mind.  Let your hope open the doorway of your ascended heart’s recognition of truth.  However, many are rubbing up against the 12/21/12 date like those in the 1950’s who held a ‘lucky rabbits foot”.  They want the ‘good luck’ that this solstice can offer.  A date is not a destiny.  Nor does destiny require a date!  Your destiny is opened when you are ready.  Earth’s destiny is made visible when the earth and her inhabitants have reached a vibrational state that will allow the destiny to manifest.  Yet, there are indeed cycles, and earth, the milky way and the cosmos are experiencing culminating cycle.

The Elders of the Maya hold fast to a tradition and sacred wisdom that is passed from generation to generation.  Tradition offers gifts and it also generates dogma.  Within the ranks of the Maya elders are those Spiritual Guides we call Oracles.  The Oracles are keepers of living connection; they hold open portals of communion and offer inspired guidance.  To have a relationship with an Oracle is to have a connection with a living tradition and direct communion with the ancestors.  We will be gathering with one of the last living oracles on 12/21/12 and 12/22/12.

Destiny is not determinism.  It is rather an opportunity for successful deployment of the gifts which are given unto thee.  Your destiny is your sacred opportunity…and free will interplays with the gifts and opportunities creating convolutions and time-line changes.  Earth and her peoples have a destiny and December 21, 2012 is a moment where great cycles of energy offer an opening to a Destiny.

So 12/21/12 is indeed an opportunity to claim a destiny…and the date is not exact.  Consider the thousands of years of procession of the earth on its axis.  Consider the manipulations of the calendar over the centuries.  Does the Gregorian calendar truly coincide with the Baktun? Last year one of the Mayan elders told us that we won’t know that we are in the new era until we can feel its energy – it is not a date on a calendar, but an energy to be noticed. (And he shared that they are clear that moment is still a few years away.)   Consider that the universe itself, while having predictable motion, is not conforming to our calendar.  We effort to get our calendar to conform to the universe!  The universe is alive and living its destiny.  Remember: destiny is a vibrational state that allows  gifts to manifest – it is not determinism.

So what about December 21, 2012?

It is a date with destiny, yet not a date with determinism.  So….each being has an opportunity to capture a vibrational upliftment, a vibrational alignment.  This date is an opportunity.

A High Oracle of the Kaqchikel Maya  has offered that for those who sincerely wish to embrace the opportunity that is before us, consider December 21 through December 22 as the dates for your personal ceremony and communion. At TOSA La Laguna, we will be in ceremony from December 20th through December 22nd.  Just as the moon is “full” for three days, so too is the energy of the cosmic alignment of this Baktun.  Day one is preparation, a cleansing of interference energies.  Day two is a receiving of Divine Alignment and a rebirth and Day three is an integration, a harvesting of the gifts of Destiny.

We are celebrating a great cycle of time.  By lifting our hearts in trust…by saying ‘yes’ to the universe and holding open the portal of our divine intention  we will in fact be consciously available to the true opportunity that is the Cycle of the Ages.

We invite you to join us by holding the days of December 20, 21, and 22 as sacred.  The culmination energy of December 21 and 22 is the critical juncture…be in ceremony.  The purpose of ceremony is to set aside the limitations of the ego and be more open to the sacred.  Create your personal ceremony.  Whether it is a simple as lighting a candle with intention or something more elaborate, create your ceremony and use the alignment of these dates to propel you!

Your intention and sincerity are important.  When you set an intention you gather your energy in a certain direction.  Intention will carry you past lapses in attention.  Set an intention to be available to guidance.  Open your sincerity and use the mantra of Self-Ascension.  Set an intention to connect with the people gathered at TOSA La Laguna as they hold ceremony as surrogates for us all.  We will be in ceremony for three days and the fire will be lit at 11-am local time and the flames will blaze high at 12-noon each day.  Perhaps part of your personal ceremony will be to set aside a few minutes each day to add your energy, sincerity and intention to our sacred intention.

We hold the vision and experience of an Ascended Earth where a joyful harmony embraces the planet like a cocoon of light .    We hold the vision that all beings will discover their needs are met and that new personal opportunities will be recognized and embraced. We hold the vision that all HU-manity will rediscover their ascended hearts and remember the truth of their Authentic being.  We hold the vision that divine perfection will be recognized.  With Trust as our flow, we know that Guidance will become ever more visible.  Our time will culminate with a very special Archangelic Insoulment delivered on the 22nd.  We look forward to sharing this with you next week.

We hold you in our hearts with great love and joy!
Sri and Kira

8 responses to “12-21-12: Our Date With Destiny”

  1. Thank you Sri and Kira for your service these many years in preparation for this “energy” of Divine alignment and re-birth upon our planet.
    I will join my heart and love with you all in celebration of 12/20,21, 22 and our Ascended Earth.
    with deep gratitude and love,

  2. Just want to say “out loud” — thank you Sri and Kira for everything. Much love to you and my spirit celebrates with much joy in sharing this wonderful, sacred time !!

  3. Though I’m going to sacred Mount Shasta for the week, I intend to be energetically with all of you at TOSA La Laguna as well. Thank-you so much for holding ceremony for us all.
    With deep appreciation, great love and joy,
    Nancy Redding

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