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12:12:12: Numerology and Cycles! - Sri & Kira Yoga of Self-Ascension
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12:12:12: Numerology and Cycles!


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Why are we fascinated by numbers and specific dates?

What is it about these moments that call our attention?

We choose a day to be born and then journey through our lives as this complex system evolves into cycles and offers us learning opportunities and insights! Humanity is at the moment of one of the greatest turns of the cycles ever to happen! Sri and Kira deeply explore the meaning of 12/12/12, 12/21/12 and the power of numerology and most importantly, the Trinity!

Discover a deeper meaning to it all and how it affects your life! This is a fascinating and timeless show. Have a pen and paper handy … you will want to take notes.

YouTube Video coming soon!

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  1. Thank You for anwsering my guestion from yesterday with Your email on 12/12/12. A beautiful acsension energy now surrrounds the earth. love Mikey

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